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The typical variety of Social Safety associates is 16,150,747 employed – jj

The typical variety of Social Safety associates is 16,150,747 employed

The average number of Social Security affiliates decreased by 28,691 people in February – 0.18% -, which puts the total number of employed at 16,150,747. This figure contrasts with the data recorded in the same month of 2012, when there was a fall of 61,156, 0.36 percent.

The Secretary of State for Social Security, Tomás Burgos, stresses that in February "the end of some agricultural campaigns, such as the citrus in Levante, as well as the culmination of the period of rebates that directly impacts on retail trade Minor". And there is a slowdown in the year-on-year fall, which "cannot be considered as a change in trend although it is valued in positive terms: after eight months of deterioration since June 2012 (when the rate was at -3.18 %) February is the first month in which it improves, going from -4.59% in January to -4.42%, which is certainly a hopeful fact. "

Membership in the General Regime decreased, with respect to last January, by 18,521 people, with an average of 13,089,436 employed. In particular, the most significant declines were recorded in Commerce, Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles (-29,880); Health Activities and Social Services

(-9,604); Administrative Activities and Auxiliary Services (-1,175). On the contrary, the greatest increases correspond to Education (12,373), Hospitality (6,673), Public Administration (5,040), Transportation and Storage (4,389) and Construction (2,718).

Regarding the Autonomous Regime, there were 2,997,806 average members in February, 11,118 fewer people compared to the previous month (-0.37%). On the other hand, in the Regime of the Sea, occupancy increased by 992 people, to 59,034 average members, while Coal reached 4,470 average members, after losing 44 compared to January.

In relation to special Social Security agreements, the number of affiliates amounts to 206,834 (all regimes) and 6,983 in healthcare.

Annual variation

Membership in the total System registered a decrease of 746,365 workers (-4.42%) in the last year.

In the Special Scheme for Autonomous Workers, the annual rate of change recorded a decrease of 3.44%, 48,126 people less. The Sea decreased by 3.44% (-1,007 people) and, finally, the annual variation rate in Coal fell by 20.30% (-1,138).

By gender, the number of male affiliates reached 8,672,498 in January, while female affiliation stood at 7,478,249.

As for the affiliation of foreign workers, last month 1,596,391 employees were registered, of which 1,378,941 belong to the General Regime, 212,907 to the Autonomous Regime, 4,110 to the Sea and 434 to Coal.


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