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Toyota Sticking Fuel Pedals – EricTheCarGuy – jj

Toyota Sticking Fuel Pedals – EricTheCarGuy

Toyota Sticking Gas Pedals – EricTheCarGuy Since this seems to be a hot topic I thought I would take a crack at it. I will start by saying that the procedures I …



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  1. Most of the video i like but the recommendation about shutting the engine off seems dangerous and I think just shifting to neutral will be the best way. (Correct me If wrong) car will stop gaining speed (even with gas pedal stuck ) driver will have full control of steering wheel and brakes.

  2. GMs broken ing switch, but what leveled the playing field on almost every auto manufacture, TAKATA airbags.
    This one mistake has caused more fear, and has the potential to be the deadlest mistake of all, its the grandaddy of fuck ups.

  3. Okay, so now, if a dried up ham sandwich gets caught in my gas pedal, I should panic and violently jerk the wheel from left to right (without looking) and if at all possible, aim for any school buses or sidewalks? Ok. Got it!😜

  4. lexus rx 300 high idle i cleaned the maf . same issue now, i started it and it is idling very high like throttle is stuck i gave it some gas it started driving i couldnt stop it even holding my brake in i had to use e brake to stop it.everyone is telling me vaccum leak.what about throttle body? tps sensor or adjusting the throttle cable ?

  5. On the Toyota engine runaway thing…
    May sound dumb, but take your feet off all pedals right away, then make sure you are actually jamming on the brake not the gas/accelerator. Panicked driver error is a serious contributor in a lot of cases. Don't assume you're immune.

  6. my gas pedal in my chrysler 2005 t and c gets stuck frequently 1/3 of the way down and i cant accelerate-have to keep pressing up and down to do so?(doesnt always work…..)is this a gas filter problem?(definitely NOT a floor mat issue…….)

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