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What a Single Payer Well being Insurance coverage Plan Appears Like – jj

What a Single Payer Well being Insurance coverage Plan Appears Like

Gerald Friedman: A single-payer plan in Maryland would cover everyone, improve outcomes and make business more competitive.



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  1. I can’t believe the level of falsehood that the insurance companies spread about this.
    America would truly be one of the best country in the world if they had a National Health Service and have one of the happiest and richest populations

  2. The only one benefitting from the current health system in the U.S. are the fat cat ceo's running the drug and insurance companies. They don't want a Canadian styled system in the U.S. because that would derail their gravy train. Neil Lizotte is telling the truth. No bankruptcies, no huge premiums, no pre-existing condition hassle just show your health card and that's it.

  3. All these videos is about english speaking countries. Everyone is too lazy to look at japan or germany which have the best health care, in my opinion. i live in germany and am american citizen. I have first hand knowledge.

  4. Single payer has to be restricted to hospitals operated by the Federal govt. Otherwise, the single payer system will always be ripped off by hospitals. Single payer also has to include price controls on drugs.
    Whenever taxes pay for health care, you have socialised medicine, like it or not.

  5. Friedman is a liar. Medicare's overhead is not 2%. Medicare very carefully controls what doctors do. People are getting their legs cut off without being admitted to a hospital (knee replacement). Medicare is so punitive, hospitals are fined if someone needs re-admitting so they don't admit in the first place. Seniors are getting the shaft.

    Oh, and the U.S. enjoys the best longevity in the world, after fatal accidents are accounted for. We also have the best cancer survival in the world.

  6. MARY: Jesus-Buddha-Labour!
    1: American (North-Latin-South) ($): 2: BSR (British Ireland/Scandinavia/Russia) (£): 3: EUAF (EUROPE AFRICA) (€): 4: AIOP (Arab India Oceania Pacific) (¢) (Arabia ¢/€):::::
    King: King-King-King!
    WOMEN: Women-Women-Women!

  7. We do not die because we can not afford healthcare, we have great care, but slower wait times thanks to US leaders complaining that our system makes the US look bad.

    Tens of thousands of Americans die each year because of no or inadequate health care coverage how can you compare.

    Oh ya their poor and do not count while rich self-centered bastards get to live and thrive.

    There is nothing saying you can not have the best system in the World, except serious lack of ambition and no positive goals that make life better for everyone in the US much better.

    You are right you can not begin to compare our healthcare because your system is beyond cruel, wake up and think of someone else besides your own personal experience.

    Get your head out of the sand and meet people who have had loved ones even their children die because they had no healthcare or not enough coverage.

    The World does not revolve around you and your personal health, and your healthcare system is only as good as the treatment provided to the poorest in your country.

    Fight for the best healthcare in the world and a united system that treats everyone as equals will thrive along with your people.

    I live in the healthcare system I was seriously injured in 1987 and if I was injured on the job in the US I would have been dead a long time ago.

    I will bet you any amount you want that not you or 99% of Americans pay a little in healthcare premiums and taxes as I have since 1987 and I have not once in my life worried about getting quality treatment.

    My tax bill total since 1988 $0.00 Healthcare Premiums $0.00

    I paid taxes for 1987 and none since

    Some of my medical files are well over six inches thick and medical visits and treatments are often, but cost me nothing except chiropractic care.

  8. 5:50 Medicare has an overhead (administrative cost) of 2 %, so 98 % of the budget is spent to cover bills for treatment. The mandate of Obamacare is that the private insurance companies should achieve the goal of spending 80 % for treatment – meaning the GOAL is NOT to spend MORE than 20 % on everything else (administration, profit). So ideally they have only 10 times the "non-treatment" expenditures compared to the public non-profit program.

  9. In some states the governments offer(d) a "high risk pool" for the "undesireables". Which means usually an indirect subsidy for the insurance companies. (Because the premiums for the people that were "weeded out" would need to be extremely high. So usually some tax dollars are funneled into such pools. At the same time there is no cost control possible – there is no way to compare costs with pools that have not been cherrypicked/manipulated).

    Such a "high risk pool" consists of people that will not be accepted by the insurance companies because of "pre-existing conditions" (and that can be pregnancy, if the woman has not yet had insurance, high blood pressure, if you had cancer in your life even if that was 10 years ago, or if many of your familiy members had diabetes…and of course people who are currently sick).

    That amounts to a huge subsidy for the insurance company. Who can give the impression of offering cost-efficient packages for the customers they do not reject – while shifting a major chunk of the costs (50 % ? 60 ? 80 ?) over to the government – while keeping their own pool nice and profitable.

    That means of course that their services and costs are intransparent. There is no comparsion possible with insurers in states which do not get such indirect subsidies. And on an international level it becomes impossible to compare the costs of U.S. insurers with insurers in other wealthy countries (for instance Switzerland where they have private insurers – but mandatory insurance for everyone and there are a lot of regulations).

  10. As a rule of thumb 20 % of the insured cause 80 % of the costs. – Healthcare is not like selling shoes (where you would like to sell MORE shoes and maybe also aim at providing higher quality). Insurance companies want FEWER insured people. – If the private FOR-PROFIT companies can figure out who these "costly" 20 % of people are (which is easy with the help of statistics, medical examination) this is a very easy way to offer a product price that seems attractive (to the lucky people who are accepted by the insurance) and to increase your profits.

    (And if you only EXCLUDE people right from the beginning it would also mean less administration, simply because there are less cases. Of course the insurance corporations try to weasel out of paying claims even from their cherrypicked insured customers – and THAT requires a huge bureaucraZy).

  11. The hypocrisy to all who vehemently oppose a single payer I ask this. Taxpayers already pay subsidies to people who are denied by private insurance companies. So many scream "socialism" when they themselves and the private companies receive handouts.

  12. so because insurnace companies are uncaring and profit oriented people need a gov health care systme or single payer? what makes you think that the people in government are any less greedy or more concerned about you then say a insurnace company that has to compete for your money? hum me thinks people dont understand that gov is not a noble institution full of angels.

  13. One interesting point in the opposition against tuition free education and single payer health care is that it would hurt recruitment for the armed forces. Poor people would not HAVE to join to get an education and healthcare, the only ones left would by people who loves to kill camels and other desert creatures. This could pose a big problem and it should. Should add that recruitment already is a problem.

  14. I'm so exhausted that the rest of us non-brain-dead Americans have to suffer because so many dumb, brain-dead, Trump-voting idiots continue to believe these lies and fake news narratives about how U.S healthcare ranks to other countries in the world with single-payer healthcare. We rank 37th in quality of healthcare yet we sometimes go bankrupt paying for it. While I feel too many foreigners stereotype us all as arrogant, it is true that Americans really need to get off this "We're No. 1 at everything" mentality.

  15. Manufacturers/suppliers of orthopaedic implants routinely charge private hospitals more than public hospitals for the same implants. Snouts in the trough.

    So it follows that in addition to making a profit for shareholders, private health funds are paying a premium for items like acetabular implants or whatever. Sort of a double-whammy I suppose.

  16. Canadians, Brits and French don't have their estates confiscated to cover Medicaid "coverage" for uninsured sick and elderly. In the USA, the government can come after your house, property, accounts and business if you required medical care that was not covered by insurance including co-pays.

  17. Surrender your humanity to the STATE…..surrender your medical decisions to the STATE….those decisions will be given to people like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders..and Nancy Palosi….Warren Buffet….and Liberal Leftist billionaires who know better…like Oprah Winfrey…. to name a few!
    Sign me up!! : <

  18. I believe we need to stick to facts, historical data, statistics etc as much as possible on this issue bc its become SO politicized, the main issue and facts surrounding it have been so muddied by said politics(aka politicians w/ agendas), that ppl and sadly most of the MSM have resorted to just regurgitating their party's or favorite politician's talking points, without fully engaging in a constructive debate by providing meaningful information, FACTS to back up these overstated theoretical policy concepts. It helps to have discussions especially on something as personal/important to ppl as health care to be responsible about inflaming rhetoric bc it benefits all of us in the US to have health care available to everyone but this partisan bickering has gotten us nowhere. Ppl need to stop taking what they hear some politician, or anyone they arbitrarily like, say on TV as Gospel and do the research of Both Sides before you spout and share glaring inaccuracies aka fake news around the internet like propaganda.

    @just plain_name- If, in fact you want to discuss border crossings for health care as a defense, I assume, of free market system over single payer you should be talking about Mexico not Canada…and that's US citizens crossing to Mexico for better care not vice versa. That at least would be a case you could make with data to back it up…but it prob wont be the one you'd want to make bc it goes against what you WANT to believe is true. (It may be an increasingly inconvenient truth, unfortunately, that if anything is to be solved on this and all issues, we Americans must once again-or possibly, simply begin to(?)-live in a world of shared objective truth not these falsehoods propogated by those who seek gain from our division and ignorance.) Because your point, while constantly repeated by many, is just untrue statistically. And while there are obviously some instances of this, and id agree there are problems in the Canadian system that we should loom at and learn from, its not a good argument based on the facts surrounding the REALITY of the situation. Let me offer this: no one wholely on either side of this current debate is 100% correct but the good news is after responsibly conducting research on all sides of the subject (which, btw, anyone is able to do themselves if they cared to..) I am able to see a workable solution that ironically comes as a hybrid of these two viewpoints…if only we could stop hating on one another, isolating ourselves and our viewpoints with divisive rhetoric, to the point we refuse to choose a solution best for all simply out of ignorance and spite…sigh…SAD!

  19. is it possible that Obama care was meant to be a nightmare of a failure? In order to push us into a single-payer system. Problem reaction solution. War through deception! Trust no one! Especially with someone with man at the end of their surname, wink wink nod nod know what I mean.

  20. The United States has nothing close to a free market in health care. If you are in the United States, how many health insurance options do you have? How many auto insurance options do you have? If you are healthier or live a healthier lifestyle, does your insurance premium get lowered? If you are a good driver do auto insurance premiums go down?

  21. Bernie Sanders has it right ,health insurance should be run completely ,and private insurance companies need to be out of the picture.Health care should be a right and not an option.If everyone pays a very small amount in their taxes the system works,look at all the countries,including Canada,have a very efficient health care system.

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