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Astro-Suggestions: Take away the troubles of married life with these measures. Astro-Suggestions For A Blissful Married Life – jj

Astro-Suggestions: Take away the troubles of married life with these measures. Astro-Suggestions For A Blissful Married Life



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Published: Tuesday, August 20, 2019, 7:00 (IST)

new Delhi. The practice of mixing the horoscope of a future bride and groom before marriage has been prevalent in Hindu society for centuries. Its purpose is that by joining the two unknown people who are getting married, not only can both of them lead a happy life, but their marriage will also be pleasant for their families. But it is often seen in abundance in such cases in which even after getting the horoscope good, there are cases of fighting, quarrels, disputes, dispute with family, between the couple. At times, there is also the possibility of marriage.

Each planet in the horoscope should match well

Each planet in the horoscope should match well

The reason for this situation is that either each planet in their horoscope is not properly analyzed and matched, or their destiny is such that they are not able to give them marital happiness. However, whatever the reason, Vedic astrology will find a solution to every problem.

Let us know how to get rid of problems in marriage on the basis of birth lag.

  • Aries ascendant: From the husband or wife, whoever has Aries ascendant, the planet of their married happiness is Venus. If Venus is happy and positive, then there will be no problem in marital life. For this, feed rice to cows and birds regularly. Women should apply sindoor dedicated to Maa Parvati in their demand. This will make married life happier.
  • Taurus Ascendant: For the men and women of this Ascendant, the planet Mars is the factor of marital happiness. Therefore, for the happiness, peace and harmony in married life, women of Taurus Ascendant should tie aniseed in red clothes in their bedroom and keep changing it every week on Tuesday. Let the old fennel flow into the water.
  • Gemini Ascendant: Jupiter is the causal planet of marital happiness for the people of Gemini ascendant. If there are problems in their married life, then observe a fast on Thursday and have a meal on this day. On this day, the crisis is averted by offering gram lentils on Shivling.

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married life

married life

  • Cancer Ascendant: The planet Saturn is the factor of married happiness for the Ascendant Horoscope. Cancer ascendants often face problems in their marital life. Therefore, on Saturday and Tuesday evening, the couple go to see Hanumanji together. Also recite husband Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Leo Ascendant: People who have their horoscope Leo ascendant also have the planet Saturn as a factor of marital happiness. If your marital life is critical and fights are going on, then in the Shani-Pushya nakshatra, wear a ring made of the nail of the boat in the middle finger. One of the husband or wife, who has Leo ascendant, should wear it.
  • Virgo Ascendant: Jupiter is the causal planet of married happiness of Virgo ascendant. The people of this lagna worship Lord Lakshminarayana for family happiness. Offer water to the banana plant every Thursday. Fasting on Ekadashi regularly.
  • Libra ascendant: The native of this Ascendant should please Mars for conjugal pleasure. For this, do a fast of Tuesday regularly. Eat a meal every Tuesday on a day and must include some sweet dishes in the meal. On this day, offer red flowers by applying red sandalwood powder on the Shivling.
  • Feed green grass to cow after worship

    Feed green grass to cow after worship

    • Scorpio Ascendant: In the horoscope of Scorpio ascendant, the planet Venus is the factor for marital happiness. Therefore, to please Venus, go to some place where there are fishes and feed the fish with boiled sugar mashed rice.
    • Sagittarius Ascendant: Dhanu Lagna couple often face many problems in their lives. For Sagittarius Ascendant, the planet of marital happiness is the planet Mercury. Therefore, offer durva to Ganesha on Wednesday. Offer Besan sweets to Ganesha.
    • Capricorn Ascendant: For the natives of Capricorn Ascendant, the planet of marital happiness is the Moon. If you are having trouble in your married life, then wear Gaurishankar Rudraksha. Make a silver lunar device and keep it in the worship place of the house and anoint it with Ganga water on every full moon day.
    • Aquarius Ascendant: The planet of marital happiness is the Sun for Aquarius Ascendant, happy life can be lived by pleasing the Sun. For this, offer water from a copper vessel to the rising sun every day.
    • Pisces Lagna: Mercury is the causal planet of married couples of Pisces ascendant. These people should worship Lord Ganesha every Wednesday. Feed green grass to cow after worship.

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