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Atheist Expertise 23.39 with Matt Dillahunty & Gayle Jordan – jj

Atheist Expertise 23.39 with Matt Dillahunty & Gayle Jordan

The Atheist Experience 23.39 for September 15, 2019 with Matt Dillahunty & Gayle Jordan from https://www.recoveringfromreligion.org/ …


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  1. 12:15 John: CT: Poke Holes in My Arguments to Make Me Leave Catholicism

    29:15 Aaron: PA: Finding a Secular Sobriety Alternative to AA

    38:10 AC: IL: Atheism is Dead and Not Possible by Logic, Something from Nothing

    1:05:15 Ron: San Antonio, TX: Argument from Design, Tricks vs Reality, Flat Earth (Prank Call)

    1:14:55 Dale: OH: I Found the Garden of Eden on Google Maps, Try Debunking Me

    1:20:45 Mojo: UK: “Atheist Scientists” Are Rejecting Intelligent Design and Ruining Science

    1:22:55 Oliver: WA: Belief vs Knowledge, Recovering from Religion Support

    1:29:10 Guillermo: CA: Doesn’t Saying “Oh My God” Mean You Believe?

  2. 56:46 See, now I want a creature in an RPG campaign called the Ship of Theseus. A ghost ship made of all the parts of the parties ship that have been replaced, it wants revenge for having been abandoned. Given the opportunity it will destroy the parties current ship, and is drawn to any part of the ship that is removed, which it will add to itself, but only after that part has been replaced. The Ship of Theseus has roughly the level of intelligence of an elephant and can follow simple instructions, but has odd ideas about philosophy that will give you a headache if you listen to them.

  3. Re: the first caller and synchronicity. Back when I was 16, I happened to catch a road safety PSA on television here in the UK. It took the form of a mock news report about a 16 year old boy with my exact forename and surname, right down to spelling (and it's not a particularly common conjunction of names), who had been hit by a car and killed. I had to ring around my friends and relatives to assure them I was safe and most definitely not dead, in the event they had seen it too. Yes, it was a remarkably detailed coincidence, at least on the congruent points, but that's the nature of synchronocity: meaningful coincidence, in which the meaning is provided by those experiencing them.

  4. I enjoy watching this show for sure, but it is such a strange thing to me that religion can be a major factor in … well, any part of your life, or indeed require this level of dedication to combat.
    I guess this is what's called privilege. I cannot even understand the setting under which you guys operate.
    Makes me glad to live in Scandinavia.

  5. 38:10: This guy is appealing to "cause and effect", which is NOT a natural law. He's making the logical mistake that we must start with a "cause", simply because of the way we say it, but there is no evidence of that. Why couldn't there be a "first effect"? Why couldn't the universe spontaneously come into existence and then all the causes stem from that?

    Another problem with this is that it's based on temporal thinking. A "cause" happens and then an "effect" happens after that. But we know time breaks down at the beginning of the universe, so there can't be a time for the "cause" to happen.

    This is the idiocy of people who don't understand quantum physics who want to shoe-horn something as mysterious as the origin of the universe into laymen thinking. The human brain simply can't fathom how the quantum world works, it's not something we grew up with and it's not something we experience on a daily basis. Humans have a REALLY hard time conceptualizing the extremely small and the extremely large. All of our experiences are smack dab in the middle, so we try to put things like the beginning of the universe into terms of meters and minutes when there are a lot of things just don't work that way.

  6. What the hell, lady is like a preacher asking for money. She is church through and through. All she wants is make money from suckers. She is turning peoples' sobriety from religion into an opportunity to make a buck. Spread atheism lady, don't force it on people.

  7. I'm reading your description and it is more confusing than your 'logic'. From what I understand, you are a bunch of people who used to be theist but now, because you decided gawd can't exist you are atheists? Is that correct?

    What a mind-numbing nutfuck approach to logic.

    You traded one belief for another. I realize the show would not be as controversial if you said "we are the logical agnostics" because it doesn't piss people off. But you are illogical nutfucks.

    I'd be glad to call in with a true agnostic view if I am welcome to call.

  8. Ive been putting a lot of thought into how government is exactly like a religion… in fact, someone put together a collection of speeches from another guy named Larken Rose, who basically proves it, and the video is just over 12 minutes long…. its called "Government is the most dangerous religion" … I watched the atheist experience show for years when I lived in Hurst, TX… this show is basically the reason I decided to become an atheist, but Im noticing that those who argue for the legitimacy or necessity of governments use exactly the same logical fallacies as theists… its exactly like Government is the new God… and theres a libertarian named Shane Killian who makes the connections between theists and statists in a playlist called "Libertarianism and Atheism" … please check them out, if youre interested in how these things compare… Ive been wanting to make my own show based off the atheist experience, and I wanted to call it the anarchist experience, and I think it could be just as good and just as important of a show as this one… and talking about job security, I think its possible that we wont convince enough people that government doesnt exist and is illegitimate even if it does, so we wont have to worry about running out of work either! lol… I love you guys and all you do… especially with the recovery after religion~<3

  9. we evolved = yes

    we all dogmatically undermined women and other cultures that we did not know, kill them rape for control =yes

    we got to a position to have compassion and care =yes

    some of this culture grew =yes

    step outside right now look up and wonder, breath in and out

    how lucky are you, to understand how lucky you are?

    Just to be here for no purpose at all,

    to take the time you have to be with others and be a nice person

    You do not need any religion to help to stop being a nice person

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