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COMMUTATION VALUE OF PENSION calculation pension issues by e study – jj

COMMUTATION VALUE OF PENSION calculation pension issues by e study

Calculationofcommutation #commutationvalue #pensionproblems A brief look at the principle of commutation. commutation value of Pension. Easy method …



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  1. Sir my dad got retired in the age of 60 he did service 30.6 year, his retirment was supernnaution, his last basic pay amount was 17,500rs, his pension was started 6800 per month now his pension is 15122rs, and main thing is in his new ppo his basic pension was mentioned rs 16150 from 2016 onwards but still now he didnt recived full basic pension of 16150rs i dont know why in msg its showing as some amount is getting detucted,

    Dear pensioner, pension for

    This is what its showing i am not understing why money is getting minsed and for what
    And what is that commutation why tht money is getting cutted from pension
    Can you explain me

  2. Find out commutation pension value amount for RS.4486/-, the commutation value expressed as number of years purchase after completion of (60) years age.

    Commutation value of pension – calculation?

    (Please solve problem in Telugu sir)

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