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The Foundation for the Development of Guatemala FUNDESA has held today the sixth of a series of 7 forums prior to the National Meeting of Entrepreneurs this year, which aims to present concrete proposals, to strengthen the institutionality of the State. The forum addressed on this occasion the theme of "Challenges and challenges for the modernization of the Guatemalan Social Security Institute – IGSS-".

The National Meeting of Entrepreneurs 2015 focuses on the fourth pillar of Mejoremos Guate: Strengthening of State Institutions. And the main objective is to show that the economic agenda and the social agenda need to go hand in hand with the institutional agenda, which should aim to continue the progress made and eliminate the obstacles to development that continue to exist in Guatemala. We have a series of institutional weaknesses that need important attention, being a priority to have a complete vision of how the State works and what is the road map to respond to the challenges that need to be faced.
“The IGSS is a key institution for the development of the country, given the magnitude of financial and human resources it manages, as well as the eminent social nature of it. However, its management model is exhausted and very little has been done to modernize it to increase its coverage and expand its quality of service. The number of members in relation to the population economically indicates that only one in five workers has the benefits offered by Social Security. Both the health program and the pension program present several challenges, which is why the review of the institutional framework is a must-see task ”, highlighted José Miguel Torrebiarte, President of the Organizing Committee ENADE during the welcome remarks.
The greatest weakness of the institution today comes from a structural problem and irresponsible and not very transparent actions, which have resulted in poor administration. The event featured the presentation of Carlos Contreras Solórzano, President of the IGSS Board of Directors, to later open a space in the panel of commentators, who were able to discuss and analyze the presentation. The panel, moderated by the Executive Director of FUNDESA, was attended by:

• Víctor Suárez Valdés, Ex-President of the IGSS Board of Directors
• Alfonso Morales Sandoval, Member of the IGSS Board of Directors in 2003
• Miguel Ángel Lucas Gómez, Worker Representative on the Board of Directors of the IGSS 2006-2011


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