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new Delhi. If you want to start your business, then you have a better chance. Modi government will provide help for fisheries. The government will also provide you with proper guidance from getting a loan. Ministry of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries of the Government of India (Ministry of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries) has started some such schemes which are going to be of great benefit to the economically backward and unemployed people.

Government will spend 25 thousand crores

Union Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Fisheries Minister Giriraj Singh has said that there is a plan to spend Rs 25,000 crore in the fisheries sector from the Central Government. He has told that many preparations are also being made by the government to promote fish production in the maritime sector and to overcome the problems faced by small fishermen.

Why India is suitable for fisheries industry?The Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries of the Government of India is providing information about centrally sponsored schemes at many levels. Information about fodder, national project on cattle breeding, livestock health etc. is also being made available. The government is working on a war footing, especially in fisheries. In such a situation, there may not be a good opportunity for unemployed youth or farmers to increase their income. In today's era, doing fish farming business in India is going to prove very profitable. More than 60 percent of India's population likes to eat fish.

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Start fish farming

The business of fish farming has flourished after the arrival of the Modi government. Experts believe that our country is very suitable for fish farming. There is no shortage of sea, lakes, rivers, ponds and ponds in our country. The land is also so that you can build tanks and ponds for this business. In the current era, you can also increase this business with the help of technology. In the face of rapidly changing technology, the old techniques of fishing are now ending. Now people have started the fish business by creating ponds and tanks artificially.

The cost of the project will come to 20 lakh rupees

According to the project report prepared by the National Fisheries Development Board, if you build a tank or pond of 20 thousand kg capacity, then the cost of your project will come to Rs 20 lakh. The capital cost will be Rs 9.70 lakh and the operational cost will be Rs 10.36 lakh. But you only have to arrange 4-5 lakh rupees. The central government will give you about 8 lakh rupees and the state government about 4 lakh rupees as subsidy. Apart from this, the government will also provide a bank loan of 4 to 5 lakh rupees. The Modi government is running a scheme in collaboration with the state governments, under which the government supports about 75 per cent of the financial support to the fishermen.

How much income will be

If you want to raise fish according to RAS technique, then you will have to arrange only 5 lakh rupees. With this amount you can fish about 20 thousand kilograms. Your growth income from these fish will be around 15 lakh rupees and net income can be 4.64 lakh rupees.

What is this technology

In the 'commercial aquaculture system', the flow of water is maintained and the movement of water is made. It takes less space and less water. For example, if simple fish farming is done, only 15 to 20 thousand pangaceous fish can be reared in one acre of pond, while one acre contains about 60 lakh liters of water. If 20 thousand fish are put in the pond, then one fish is kept in 300 liters of water. While 110-120 fish are put in one thousand liters of water through this system. According to this, a fish is kept in only nine liters of water.
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