Omnipod Dos and Don'ts – Three Months On Insulin Pump Remedy

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After switching as a type 1 diabetic from insulin injections to pump therapy, some things I’ve learnt in the past three months since starting pump therapy.

Sorry for the lighting and also for sounding like I’m in a well!

Check out the video from the day I switched from injections: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-M7ZNV6gLo0

My pump is an Omnipod, which has no tubing and is pretty teeny tiny: http://www.myomnipod.com/


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  1. Hi Jen I know this is one of your older video's, but very good I like the idea if no tubing.
    I have been injecting for 25 years now. I am 67 so apprehensive about changing. I love the freestyle libre, made an enormous
    difference to my HBA1C. But the ideal as you said like being diagnosed all over again is scary.

  2. Hi after your comment about good support, since I fancy an omnipod after RDV with diabétologue in Décembre I called Insulet the suppliers here in France & they all speak English with 24/7 availability-yippee! Thanks for your vlogs. ❤

  3. Im currently waiting on doing a carb counting exercise so that i can have the omni pod. Haven’t had chance to ask any questions about the pod but watching your video has made me want to try it. Ive been on injections for 20year now and wanted to try something new to try and fit with my lifestyle. Keep doing what your doing your doing great

  4. Great video! Curious on when you say "Always carry a spare pod" – does that mean you can grab the insulin out of the one that just gave the error alert? Otherwise, do you have to carry around an extra vial of insulin? I'm strongly considering an OmniPod after almost 7 year of injections. Thanks!

  5. Hi! Omnipod and Dexcom user here! I love both devices, Omnipod is very convenient and such cool technology. A1c went from mid 8's to low 7's so I definitely am happy with it overall. I did notice after a year that I became allergic to the adhesive. Does anyone else have that problem? My skin becomes red and itchy after Day1, then after removing the pod on Day 3, my skin starts to scab up and gets even itchier and raised. Another issue with Omnipod is that the pods die occasionally for no reason (pod errors), and I am already on my 2nd PDM. After 1.5 years it completely died, leaving me to scramble to find a long-acting insulin late on a Sunday night when pharmacies are all closed. I am still unwilling to switch pumps. I am stubborn about tubing so I will have to just live with these issues.

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