Powers on however No Video v2


Mac Pro 1,1, Quad 2.66Ghz, Standard configuration, except maxed out RAM for audio work. Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT 256 MB GPU. OS 10.7.5

Machine was working well when one session start up the video screen stayed blank as and after the computer booted.

Analysis to date:

Assumed video card fail. Tried my card in another computer. No video. Replaced video card with Apple flashed similar card from working like-model computer. No video from my computer.

Checked my monitor on another machine, normal video.

Discovered diagnostic lights. With working video card in lowest PCI slot (original placement), diagnostic LED7 is off when checked. all other lights normal.

Tried moving working video card to another PCI slot. No Dice. LED7 remains off when checked, no video.

No boot fail indications, with normal power up (no flashing white light at power button). Normal Mac Booting chime. When startup disc is placed in another similar Mac, everything boots normally, normal video.

Placed ‘working’ video card back in original computer from which borrowed, card works fine, normal video, LED 7 is on when checked. (Video card presumed good.)

Is there a way to check PSU voltage to the PCI slots or aux PCI outlets on the logic board to see if perhaps some voltage has been dropped by the PSU to power the slots (failed PSU portion)? I can’t find a pinout for PCI slots.

Also tried removing RAM in sections to see if a DIMM had failed, but all seemed to check normal. No LED’s after initial boot flash.

Any suggestions oldturkey03? Yours was the best reference to date with your response in the original post ‘Powers on but No Video’.

Thank you for viewing, I hope you have a suggestion or resource.

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