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Quick movie "The Elevator" – jj

Quick movie "The Elevator"

A short comedy film by Greg Glienna, the creator of Meet the Parents, A Guy Thing and Relative Strangers. SUSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL AND CHECK OUT MY …



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  1. Very simple short, entertaining and good pay-off.

    I made a video where I watch and react to this as well as a couple other films. I’m going to catch on your short films and, if you can, I’d appreciate it if you gave my videos a watch. I’m a growing filmmaker and Youtuber myself so any views and feedback helps.

  2. Quite real for anyone who ever worked in an Office Tower. I've been on an elevator where an incredibly obese couple got on with a few less folk than the max allowable & the elevator actually shook until near 1/2 the other people got off, whom I suspected did so out of fear. Also, haven't been sick with the flu at all since no longer working in an Office. Astounding how many A holes feel the need to share their disease as though revenge on the rest of us because they got sick, open mouth coughing in an enclosed space etc.

  3. Great metaphor for how I see me (a too few others) and America as we await the Collapse of our Nation!
    The First Elevator with it completely Oblivious (even with creeping and failures to continue its rise) passengers represents the Main Group of Sleeping Americans.
    I get off but to 'What'? LOL

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