Yo Sonakshi So Dumb: Sonakshi Sinha Trolled for not being to reply associated to Ramayan | #YoSonakshiSoDumb: Sonakshi Sinha caught on 'Ramayan' associated query, Twitter stated 'new Aliya'


new Delhi: On Friday's special episode 'KBC Karmveer' of 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' (Kaun Banega Crorepati 11) husband came to Ruma Devi (Buma Devi) from Barmer, Rajasthan, who also received the Nari Shakti Award from the President. is. She was seen sitting next to him with Bollywood celebrity Sonakshi Sinha, who came to support her. But Sonakshi would never have even dreamed that she would be so trolled on social media for not having a question in the episode of KBC.

The most surprising thing was that Sonakshi Sinha, whose father's name is Shatrughan Sinha and who lives in a bungalow named Ramayan herself, was asked a very simple question related to 'Ramayana' She got caught in it.


In the episode aired on Friday, Ruma Devi and Sonakshi Sinha, sitting on the seat of the contestant, were asked, "According to Ramayana, to whom did Hanuman bring Sanjeevani Booti?" Options for this question were 'A Sugriva, B Laxman, C Sita and D Ram.' As soon as the question came up, both Ruma and Sonakshi expressed their doubts about option C i.e. Sita, but after not knowing for sure, they took their life line of Expert Advice. In which the expert told him that the correct answer is Lakshman.

Now Sonakshi Sinha is being trolled fiercely for not being able to answer this very simple question related to Ramayana. Even on Saturday, #YoSonakshiSoDumb became the number 1 trend on social media.

Remind you that in Karan Johar's show, Alia Bhatt was asked 'What is the name of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra?' In response to this question, Alia said, 'Prithviraj Chauhan'. Later he realized his mistake and said no 'Prithviraj Chavan'. After this, Alia Bhatt was trolled fiercely.

Let me tell you that in this show, Sonakshi was stuck not only on this question, but also on many more questions. A question came before him, 'Which Mughal ruler was contemporary of Maharana Pratap.' The answer was Akbar. Sonakshi could not even answer this question and host Amitabh Bachchan made fun of her as well. Actually, Sonakshi's mother Poonam Sinha has been seen in the film 'Jodha Akbar' and she also appeared on this show. When Sonakshi could not answer this, Sonakshi's mother was also seen laughing at him.

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