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100% SAFE Program (advance 10/30/2015) – jj

100% SAFE Program (advance 10/30/2015)

First index coverage for agriculture

This Monday, the standard by which the first parametric insurance for the agricultural sector was approved, was published in the Official Gazette, detailing the conditions of index coverage for Precipitation Deficit for Corn Cultivation. To analyze the scope, characteristics, objectives, joint work between the public and private sectors, experiences in other countries, and future challenges, we interview Sandra Occhiuzzi, Coordinator of the Office of Agricultural Risk; and to Andrés Farall, Responsible for Development of Statistical Methodology of EcoClimaSol, a consultant hired by the Ministry of Agriculture for technical advice and prototyping of such tools.

In addition, 7 days after the close of Insurance and Prevention Week, we went out to the streets to ask people how much they know about insurance and what type of coverage they have contracted.

As always, 18.30hs, every Friday, by METRO.


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