100% Protected Sequence Venture | Scorching Chopping and Welding – Half 1 (Full Model)

The weld serves to join two pieces of metal. It may sound simple, but it also requires qualification. And if safety rules are not followed, danger in sight. There are three classes of welding processes: pressure welding, heavy welding and non-pressure fusion. Arc welding involves electricity, light, heat, material to be deposited, basic material, gases, slag and gases from slag and arc.
The glowing particles that come out of the sparks are pretty to look at, but they damage the eyes because of the high ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Never face welding with unprotected eyes, it may cause momentary blindness, sand on sight or burning skin. In addition, the activity releases metallic fumes. Work in a well ventilated place and always be protected. Without protection, toxic substances can be inhaled or swallowed when contaminated hands come into contact with food.


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