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Champion Twin Gas Fuel & LPG Propane Again Up storm complete dwelling Generator (see data Beneath) – jj

Champion Twin Gas Fuel & LPG Propane Again Up storm complete dwelling Generator (see data Beneath)

UPDATE – NEWER 10000 watt https://bit.ly/2MxHyQk ( local delivery and warranty for all) + more Champion dual fuel models http://amzn.to/2sFx0n4 with reviews …



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  1. What extension cord would you recommend for this? (type, gauge, brand, etc.) I have the 5,500-Watt Champion Power Dual Fuel generator and plan to use it for hurricane power outages. I'll need about a 50-foot cord to reach an electric range, fridge, tv, computer, fans. Thanks!

  2. I know this video is a bit old but I want to say this is the first decent review of the champion generators I've seen. I've watched quite a few and they all just take clips from the Champion companies photos and videos and regurgitate them. One even had a computer text reader reading the text off of champions website. Thanks for a great unboxing. You're the only person that's shown the generator from more than than front as well. I needed to see the exhaust location to determine if it would work in my generator shed. Glad to see it will. Looking forward to video 2.

  3. Well I guess I'm from the Upper Midwest I was able to afford two of these I bought the 9,500 watt model and also the 3800 watt model as a backup they sit in my heated garage ready for shtf… because being from the Midwest I was actually able to afford a large liquid-cooled home standby generator as well that yes indeed was installed by a professional electrician that also is Generac retailer, back to my Midwest hold out… so sad I have to live up here damn it (sic)

  4. Is this a US made unit? I have a harbor freight one, and I have had nothing but good luck with it. But I moved into a new house that i seem to loose power a lot. Was looking to get a second generator just Incase, but something a little more reliable because of how often I use it. Was going to get the propane setup for my HF gen but it cost more than the gen. I like the idea of propane because it doesn’t go bad, can store it, and it doesn’t gum up the carb. And it can be hard to get gas when power goes out because none of the gas station around me have backup power. Last time I have to go 6 towns over to get gas. And I usually loose power for at least 5 days at a time. I’m in the process of watching your videos, would love to hear any recommendations you have. I have years or experience with gas engines but don’t know much about propane. Right now I have two 100lb tanks. How long do you think it would run at 50% load?

  5. While Champion makes great generator. Their build and parts quality is questionable. I personally like Firman, you can see the build difference just by looking at it. Costco is currently selling Firman 3650 for only $299. What a deal!

  6. I recently purchased the same generator.  I would like to know what year Kia or Hyundia you got the 8 inch fan and temp sensor.  I haven't seen your modifications so I can do the same to my generator?  Where you place the fan, etc?

  7. IF NOT AVAILABLE AT A COSTCO – To my viewers, Champion is the best for the money but heres its source and excellent other alternatives: Whole House Dual Fuel Champion http://amzn.to/2xcH8qw , Whole House Dual Fuel DuroMax http://amzn.to/2wLhztT , Pulsar Dual Fuel 10,000 ( same engine as Champion) http://amzn.to/2vOYlpN And get and use a multi fill capable 100lb tank so your system runs constant as possible WORTHINGTON 100lb multi valve Propane tank http://amzn.to/2j4J8uE

  8. Your description of cavitation as it applies to a boat propeller is correct, but pneumatic tires do not create cavitation in the engine's oil. The reason for the simi-solid tires is because they don't lose air pressure over time. These tires are often referred to as "never flat" tires.

  9. I just bought this model off craigslist in like new condition and have a serious question for anyone with knowledge of this model or propane generators in general…
    I'm a prepper but don't have any experience with propane generators. Now that I FINALLY have one , i'd like to start stockpiling spare parts for it. These things have hundreds of parts but can anyone tell me the primary parts that are likely to wear out first and need replacing ?
    Thanks so very much 🙂
    Bill in Alaska…

  10. just purchased my Champion 9200 duel fuel generator. I will only be using propane so purchased 25 gallon tank. After all connections made, started right up first time. Now doing 5 hr break in so I can change to synthetic oil.

  11. Great video. I noticed when I went to order the generator it list similar specs but it says 7500watt instead of the 7000watt continuous gas and 8400watt instead of 8100watts LP. It list the model as 100165. I do a search on the net and I get the one you demo and one with the specs I list. It runs $675+$125 = $800 with shipping included so I was wondering if the one you demo is about the same if you ship from Costco. I don't have a Costco near me. Also could you give me the part number of the fan you are going modify with? I look forward to your next video with the mod and testing. I was wondering if they overheated if they run in a normal day's heat. I would assume you may put a switch on the mod if you are running in extreme cold weather during a power outage. You really wouldn't need a fan if it's below freezing. I just froze my behind off for the last 17hrs (snow storm outage) so I am going to at least hook up the furnace to run off the generator by adding a AC pigtail to furnace 120v connectors and install a single outlet (per code has to be single outlet not dual) to the incoming ac from breaker box so that if the power goes out I can turn off the breaker unplug from the outlet and then pug in the furnace pigtail into a cord from the generator or put in a transfer switch kit for more circuits. I haven't watched your other video on small wind turbines but I figured it out pretty quick that they are a waste of money almost all manufactures list peak wattage but fail to mention the wind speeds have to be above 30mph to get that wattage and if they did run at those speed the turbine would fail rather fast. You are better off buying solar panels but even they have a lifespan that is not financially sound unless you are completely off the grid. A person could build their own wind turbine from a car's alternator (junkyard not new) to go the cheap route but to tell you the truth buying or building your own solar panels (if you have the time) would still get you more wattage for the cost.

  12. Good presentation!!  This one will run your home in case of emergency… I personally own 2 champion generator.. One is a 4000 watt peak 3200 continious, and the other one is a 1000 watt digital ultra light that i use for 3 years now and never failed on me.. It`s a good investment you did there..  Thanks for the presentation my friend..

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