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Youngsters made Safai Financial institution of India | Babies constructed such a financial institution, the place there is no such thing as a cash, no rubbish, rubbish is deposited – jj

Youngsters made Safai Financial institution of India | Babies constructed such a financial institution, the place there is no such thing as a cash, no rubbish, rubbish is deposited


new Delhi: Small children are coming forward to make the country plastic-free. School children together with the help of parents 'Cleaning Bank' Made it. Instead of going to the plastic waste landfill site through this bank, it is being used to build cement factories and roads. Biscuits, snacks, chips, tea leaf packets. Everything from Maggi to surf comes in plastic packing. And this packing, once used, goes directly to the garbage dump. But these packets deposited here will not go to landfill. Rather these garbage will be deposited in the garbage cleaning bank.

What is this cleaning bank?
What is this cleaning bank? What is deposited in this bank? Who runs such questions can come in your mind. But you will be surprised to know that these banks are not run by any business man but small children. And it consists of plastic wrappers. And these wrappers are being assembled separately so that they do not get mixed with the other garbage in the garbage heap. Aryan studies in 4th grade. In small age, Aryan has taken a big responsibility to save the environment from plastic. Instead of putting it in dustbins, the wrapper collects it separately.

Aryan's housemates also help him in this work. Aryan avoids about 1000 plastic wrappers going to the landfill site every month. Aryan says that if we throw the plastic on the road, there will be pollution. All my friends' wrappers gather and send it to the cleaning bank.

Aryan's grandmother Usha Seni says that now we have to be cautious about plastic. Prime Minister Modi has requested people not to use single use plastic on August 15. This work is being done in the same direction. Like ordinary banks, Safai Bank also has branches in different cities in the country. Where its volunteers go to schools and tell children about the damage caused by plastic. Also collects plastic wrappers and tells them about depositing them in the cleaning bank.

Where do these plastic wrappers gathered in the cleaning bank go to Akhir?
But where do these plastic wrappers Akhir go, collected in the cleaning bank? First of all, these children collect these wrappers in their homes. When at least 1000 rappers are collected, the city coordinator is told. After this, these rappers gathered at the place go to the City Corridor and from there they are sent to road construction, cement making and waste to energy plant. Manisha Saini, City Coordinator of the Safai Bank, says that if everyone takes the responsibility of the plastic waste coming out of their home then we can come out of this problem in a few years.

So far, 105 branches have been set up in different cities of Safai Bank.
We go to school, college and make people aware about this campaign against plastic, the best response in this comes from small children. The way our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indicated against single-use plastic, our effort is also to support them in this. Safi Bank has so far established 105 branches in different cities.

These include big cities like Delhi Mumbai, Jamshedpur, Chennai, Gurgaon, Noida. In which more than 12 lakh packets have been sent to road making or cement factory. About 60 million tonnes of plastic waste come out in India every year. You must have noticed that the plastic wrapper that reaches your house has a silver coating inside. Such packets are called MLP multi layer packaging. These packets are made of many types of plastic. Which cannot be reused. It is the attempt of the cleaning bank to prevent such plastic from reaching the landfill and it can be used again.

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