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Egg..how good for well being



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Since childhood we have all been listening – Sunday or Monday, eat eggs everyday!

And, if it is a matter of eating the most perfect, then surely you would have beaten the egg in this race.

Associate Professor of Nutrition Sciences at the University of Connecticut, USA, Christopher Blesso says, "Egg is something that has all the ingredients necessary for an organism to flourish." So, it is evident that it is high in nutritional value.

Eating eggs among other things gives your body more vitamins. By adding eggs to salads, we get more vitamin E.

However, there has been a controversy among experts about eating eggs for many decades. Because there is a high amount of cholesterol in the egg.

Some people associate an egg with heart disease. An egg yolk contains 185 milligrams of cholesterol, which is almost double the 300 American per day standard.

So, what does this mean, isn't egg an ideal food? Do we get less and more harm by eating eggs?

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Need cholesterol

Cholesterol is a yellow fat, which is also made in our liver and intestines. Cholesterol is found in every cell of our body.

We generally consider it bad. However, cholesterol is very important in the formation of cells. Our body also needs it to make vitamin D and cholesterol is also used to make testosterone and estrogen hormone.

Our body makes its own cholesterol, but, in many organic products like beef, eggs and prawns, as well as cheese and butter, it is also in large numbers.

The lipoprotein found in our blood carries cholesterol throughout the body. This lipoprotein can be the cause of heart diseases, according to the texture of every human being.

Low-density lipoprotein, ie LDL, is called bad cholesterol. It is carried from the liver to the arteries and muscles.

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Research has shown that by continuing this process for a long time, there is a risk of these cholesterol accumulating in certain veins and causing heart diseases.

However, the fact is that so far no research has been able to establish the link of cholesterol to heart disease. Today, there is no restriction on cholesterol in the health guidelines of the United States and Britain. Just people are told to take precautions about saturated and unsaturated fat.

The amount of LDL in our body is increased by the things that are trans fat. However, some trans fats become self-contained in some meat products. However, most of the trans fat is made by heating and using oil or ghee again and again. Apart from this, it is also found in baked food, such as cakes, pastries and donuts, and in margarine.

At the same time, cholesterol is higher in prawns and eggs, but the amount of saturated fat is less.

Maria Luz Fernández, professor of nutrition science at the University of Connecticut, says, "Eggs contain a lot more cholesterol than meat." But saturated fat increases blood cholesterol.

Now there is a dispute about the nutrition of eggs on the fact that our body has the ability to digest cholesterol.

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Ability to digest cholesterol

Elizabeth Johnson, a professor of nutrition science at Tufts University in Boston, says, "Most people have the ability to deal with cholesterol in the body, so the cholesterol from food does not hurt people." Man has been consuming cholesterol for a long time. So if we take more cholesterol in food, then our body makes less cholesterol by itself. ''

Cholesterol from eggs is not very dangerous. Because cholesterol is harmful only when it oxidizes and it does not happen with egg cholesterol. Rather, many cholesterol are good for the body. HDL ie high density lipoprotein goes to the liver, where it is broken and removed from the body. It also protects against heart diseases.

Maria Luz Fernández says, "People should worry about the cholesterol that is in the blood." Because this is what causes heart disease. ''

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It has been observed in some research that people who are obese do not have much difference in eating eggs. But, if you are not healthy and eat eggs, it can have negative effects.

Through a recent research, it was challenged that eating eggs does not harm health. More than 30 thousand people participated in this research. Their 17-year-old food and drinks were calculated. People who ate eggs daily for breakfast were more likely to have heart disease.

Norina Allen, the leader of this research, says, "The risk of heart disease was increased by 17 percent among those taking more than 300 mg of cholesterol. We also found that the risk of heart diseases increased by 6 percent with every half egg. ''

However, this research does not directly relate eggs to mortality. Then, its figures were based on people's own food and drink claims. In such a situation, it is difficult to believe completely.

At the same time, most research says that eggs are good for health. In China, a research conducted on about 5 lakh people in 2018 found that the risk of heart disease is reduced to those who eat eggs. However, this research was also based on people's own claims.

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Good eggs

It is clear from these research that the debate over eggs is not going to stop. But, we should know some things about eggs. Choline, an element found in eggs, protects us from Alzheimer's disease. It also protects the liver.

But, it can also have a bad effect. This element digests the bacteria present in our intestine. They break it down into a chemical called TMO, which our liver digests. However, there is a possibility of TMO being transformed into TMAO in the liver, which has been linked to heart diseases.

However, understanding has now increased among scientists about the benefits of eggs. Egg yolk is considered a good source of protein called Luetin. This improves eyesight and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Overall, if you say that you eat eggs with carelessness now, it will not be wrong. But as it has been said – most universally omitted. That means eating eggs for breakfast every day will not be the right option. After all, the English proverb about eggs says that all your eggs (here is a substitute for eggs) should not be kept in the same basket.

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