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GTL Tecnologia – Laptop Rental – Company

Computer Rental GTL Tecnologia / VIVO Soluciona IT
We have partnered to provide your business with the best rental conditions for Notebooks, Desktops and Tablets.

Can we equip your business with high end computers, original software, unlimited technical support and all with low upfront investment?

How does GTL Tecnologia / VIVO computer rental work IT solves?
You choose computers (Notebook, Desktop, All in One, Tablet) with the configurations that meet your needs, add the necessary software for your use and GTL Technology, in partnership with VIVO, deliver and assemble in your company.

GTL Tecnologia / VIVO solves IT format your company will have fixed monthly installments related to equipment leasing avoiding a high initial investment or indebtedness that could hinder the cash flow of your business and also, at each contract termination, the equipment can be exchanged for new and more modern machines.

In addition, your company will have unlimited 24/7 support, theft equipment insurance, state-of-the-art antivirus, latest software updates, and the security that the VIVO / Telefonica brand brings.

Interested in renting Computers?
Contact our team of consultants right now to talk better.

We can schedule a visit and better understand what the best equipment and conditions will meet you.

What are the advantages of computer leasing GTL Tecnologia / VIVO Soluciona IT?
Does not retain the working capital of your company;
Payment in monthly fixed installments in 24 and 36 month contracts, without the need for initial investment;
You can deduct the lease amount from income tax (Companies in real profit mode);
Eliminates asset control and storage expenses for outdated or defective computers;
Replacement or repair of defective computers in a short time;
Unlimited free maintenance of computers;
Fast service;
Safe and antivirus for all leased computers.
Licensed and updated software, ie zero piracy and a lot of information security;
Variety and quantity of computers to meet your demand;
Computers with configurations according to the resource requirements you will need;
GTL Tecnologia / VIVO delivers ready-to-use assembled equipment;
Option to change equipment at each contract renewal;
Dedicated call center to serve you.

Hurry up and learn more about renting computers for your business.

See some computer models and pricing on 36 month contracts (Prices subject to change)

Click here and ask for contact.

GTL Tecnologia and VIVO. A partnership made to better serve you.