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The right way to be Married for 70 Years – jj

The right way to be Married for 70 Years

I OWN COPYRIGHT TO THIS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. For inquiries, please email me. Follow up video- 5 years later! https://youtu.be/KGUlPv2ZGdM My …



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  1. Do you want to say something to G&G? You can! I opened a PO Box in hopes of making G&G’s upcoming 77th Anniversary extra special. Scribble a few words on some paper and mail it to them! Please – NOTHING FANCY!  As you all know, Grandpa’s been making Grandma’s cards himself out of paper plates for over 50 years! Maybe write a short well-wish, or a question (I’ll help them respond to you!), or maybe a note thanking Gpa for his service in WWII… anything you write to them will warm their hearts, and I thank you for being a bright spot in this upcoming anniversary – YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!

    UPS needs address to look exactly like this:
    “D.Munro/John & Evie

    1960 Cliff Lake Rd
    Ste 129-105
    Eagan, MN 55122

  2. My grandparents were together 50 years. He said, “yep, 50 years and she’s still my baby.” He passed almost two years now, and I know for a fact she won’t remarry, she wouldn’t fathom it (unlike my other grandma who remarried a couple years after my step grandma died). They gave me hope for love. I’m a natural skeptic but also a hopeless romantic. I hate to think that a love like this isn’t out there for me.

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