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How To Speak To Girls & Make Them Need You – jj

How To Speak To Girls & Make Them Need You

For more information go to https://goo.gl/XTAU2p Marni instructs men how to talk to women and make them want you SUBSCRIBE HERE: …



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  1. At 1.04 when she said she has a boyfriend and he said " fuck that guy". Any self respecting guy would walk away when she says she has a boyfriend. she said she got more interested when he said "fuck that guy".At that point I thought "fuck this chick, she's got no respect". What she can do to her boyfriend is what she can do to you. Have some self respect fellas and don't follow this woman's advise. She thinks she's clever but a self respecting dude who has his shit together would put a massive red flag on this disloyal thot and walk away. She's hideous inside and has low level morals and values. You reap what you sow guys, take on a disloyal woman, you get a disloyal woman. You've been warned.

  2. Ted cox…..I read what you wrote…….I WISH girls would come up to me and hit on me like that……I'm tired of approaching them and them ignoring me, saying no to me or even giving thier body language to another girl cockblocking me

  3. 17th string, thanks for the encouragement and sopport!When it comes to chaeting…….I've never done it and don't encourage helping or assisting someone cheat!If I did…..it'll be becuase I was NOT aware she was with someone! I genuinely asked for this chicks help on her email and she was not only rude and ignorant to me, she tried overcharging my cc WITHOUT my consent……now grant it….YES she's good looking, ANY guy would wNt to bed her but her personality…….needs work

  4. If you imagine this from a girl's perspective, it really feels quite weird, awkward and irritating.
    Suppose you had a fight with your boyfriend or your parents, or had a bad day at office or your head's aching or you're just not in the mood to talk to anyone and are just blankly staring at a fuckin painting like an idiot when this stranger dude comes close you and starts saying something vague about which you absolutely give zero fucks.
    What do you do? You just smile and go away, trying to avoid him.

    What does the guy do? He goes home feeling bad, buries his head in a pillow and starts crying because he thinks he's a boring fucking loser who can't get girls to even talk to him!

    Is that the truth? Not necessarily. That girl too is a human. She some times likes to talk, sometimes she doesn't. Who does she talk to?
    Whoever she feels like at that moment, just like boys do. There's no explicit "kind" of people that she likes talking to, just like everyone else.
    Stop this bullshit and planting insecurity into people.

  5. I'm just wondering, do your methods work primarily for White Men Only?
    Not trying to use the "race card" but I'm a "person of color" who is not Black, or Hispanic and it would be a lot more difficult for me because of how Mainstream America has over-sexualized the White Man or desexualized all other types of Men, besides White, Black, and Hispanic men.
    I'm not trying to be negative, I'm just being realistic! It's important!

  6. This is cool, because at the very least it helps you to get in touch with yourself and express your opinions to people. It’s easy though when you have carpets and lights to discuss. I could talk all day about carpets and lightings. I guess the hardest part for me is not sounding fake.

  7. Marni I've watched a bunch of your videos I've commented on a few of them. All I really get is what society already tells me from your videos that women are always right and men are basically idiots. Why in the world would I bother to date women when all I get from is that I'm a helpless idiot and baboon? No I'm not gay so that leaves me alone.

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