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  1. UMMMM, THAT IS NOT HOW YOU DO A KB SWING AT ALL! I'm so sick of douchey ass fitness instructors that can't even learn correct movements you should not even be near a kettlebell. The only kind of swing that anyone should ever do is the Russian swing . The American Slang sucks ass but this, I don't even know what to say

  2. You should be required to be at least 300 yards away from a kettlebell at all times. This is horrible please for the love of God go learn how to really use these amazing tools before more people become infected with this bullshit

  3. Thank you, Ryan.  Uploading these workouts are helping me to become the stronger person I know I can be.  I have needed  more cardio, and this seems to be a great combo of strength and cardio.  Ryan, You Rock!!  ( I am even getting my 9 year old daughter interested in it )   🙂

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