Know secret of Narendra Modi health and his favourite meals | That is PM Modi's health secret, know his favourite meals which is each wholesome and engaging


Komal Nigam, New Delhi: Work fatigue prevails over everyone. We all need one day's rest in a week, but do you know that our country Prime Minister Narendra Modi Work for a whole week without taking a single day off, and this is possible because the Prime Minister has included such things in his diet which not only takes care of his test but also keeps him healthy and fit. These are the Prime Minister's favorite food that you should also eat.

Khichdi is a food that is easily prepared and digested as well. When we do not feel like eating something, then we like to eat khichdi, but the Prime Minister likes to eat khichdi daily. They also like eating yogurt with khichdi.

Gujarati Dhokla
Gujarati Dhokla is a very light snack. It is juicy as well as is digested very quickly. The Prime Minister also loves Dhokla food.

Khandvi recipe
This dish prepared with gram flour and buttermilk solution is very tasty. We can eat it as a side breakfast. In this, we can also add cumin and curry leaves.

Mango chutney
The Prime Minister loves to eat mango chutney along with food. It is very easy to make in Gujarati style. We can also make it by grinding raw mangoes.

Almond and Pistachio Shrikhand
The Prime Minister loves almonds and pistachio Shrikhand very much. It is mildly sweet to eat, but very tasty.

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