Grasp Price range Schedules | Managerial Accounting | CMA Examination | Ch eight P 2

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  1. Hi Sir,
    Iam a MBA student and been watching your videos which are really helpful and easy to understand. Currently i am watching and learning Managerial Accounting from your videos and have completed Chapter 8 Master Budgeting. I am not a registered member of your site but a subscriber of your Youtube account as it is very difficult for me to pay for registering to your account. Can you please share a few of your Master budgeting examples data so that i can practice it my self. Alhamdulillah iam very good in Ms Excel so i constructed your Master Budget example from video on to Ms Excel for my future reference. It would be of great help. My email account is imrankh1978@gmai.com.
    Thanks Sir.

  2. thanks a lot Mr/ farhat . you make the accounting more easy for me . but in this video please how do you count the equipment in balance sheet budgeted as 367000
    and this number not net of the depreciation 90000
    where is 90000 depreciation ???
     plz can help me

  3. thanks for sharing your slides, it helps me better understanding. very clear and simple explanations. I do Accounting courses online, what i do is just read the study materials over and over but not really understanding of every step as the poor structure or very short cut details. so i am grateful that I found your slides. Thanks a lot 😀

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