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The Nationwide Social Safety Institute presents its new web site – jj

The Nationwide Social Safety Institute presents its new web site

The provincial director of the National Institute of Social Security has presented the new website launched by the entity last day one. It is a new citizen service channel through which you can access all its integrated services. Among other issues, the citizen will have the opportunity to know the foreseeable retirement age or information on pensions. In addition to having quick access to card requests or benefits.

As of last day one, citizens have the opportunity to carry out their efforts with Social Security without having to go to an office, thanks to the new attention web page presented this morning by the provincial director of the National Social Security Institute . Those interested in accessing this web page must go to the office located on the Paseo Marítimo and provide their ID number, email address and telephone number to register with a personal access code.

 From this page, the citizen can access different services. In this first phase it will be possible to obtain pension certificates, certificates accrediting the right to health care or to process the European health card. In addition, you can also easily access all the information in a personalized way depending on each situation, pensioner, active worker or unemployed.


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