Yogi Adityanath welcomes tax price reduce determination, will increase economic system and funding | 'Yogi Mantra' on economic system, funding will come out because of decrease tax price


Lucknow: today CM Yogi (Yogi Adityanath) And his minister reached IIM Lucknow to read the management lesson. In a press conference held here, CM Yogi spoke on the current decision taken by the Indian economy, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and the roadmap to make Uttar Pradesh economy $ 1 trillion. He said that a loan fair will be organized by banks in Uttar Pradesh in the next two months. Through this fair, MSME sector and people will get loans at cheaper rates.

This is the third class of Yogi government and principal officers of all departments in IIM Lucknow. For this purpose, CM Yogi said that our goal is to reach Uttar Pradesh's economy by $ 1 trillion by 2024. With this, the churning continues in IIM. We are well aware of this that unless good policies are formulated and better implemented, this dream cannot be fulfilled. Ministers and officers are being trained only for better implementation.

On the recent decision taken by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to speed up the rate of economic development, CM Yogi said that our government is fully ready to work on the new tax rate. India is going to benefit greatly from the ongoing trade war between America and China. This is a golden opportunity for us. If taken advantage of this opportunity, there will be a flood of investment in India. Investment opportunities will increase employment opportunities and India's trade deficit will reduce.

Ministers of CM Yogi's Guru Mantra of Management, Class running in IIM Lucknow

Attracting investors, CM Yogi said that, we have taken many reform measures for the MSME sector. This will greatly benefit the state. Banks are being encouraged to give loans. Our government has done many development works during the last two and a half years. While praising the policies of the Central Government, CM Yogi said that, economic sluggishness has come under control all over the world. The world economy is growing at the rate of 2-3 percent. But, the Indian economy is growing at a rate of 5 percent.

Recently, regarding the corporate tax rate cut, CM Yogi said that this has sent a positive message to investors and traders. According to the minds of traders in UP, the policy is already made. We have already got a big investment and now Uttar Pradesh will get more investment due to reduced tax. We also made it clear by meeting with bankers that banks have to help for business. He said that UP has adequate land bank. Due to this, traders can come and invest here on a large scale at any time. He thanked Prime Minister Modi and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for this decision. He said that the decision to reduce the tax rate is bold and it has brought great relief to the industries facing the recession. It will also have an impact on exports and India's trade deficit will be reduced due to increasing exports.

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