Chicago Rapper And Co-Defendent Kills His Mom For Life Insurance coverage Cash Up For Sentencing

Qawmane “Young QC” Wilson and Eugene Spencer will be headed to court real soon for sentencing. They both were convicted of 1st Degree Murder in the killing of Yolanda Holmes who was Qaemane’s mother…Eugene Spencer goes to court tomorrow for 3 charges…

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  1. Some women give birth to Satan's children and don't even realize it ijs She was a beautiful woman and I pray when he close his eyes all he see is the after math of her body for the rest of his life. This the very reason why everyone should double check their beneficiary asap I'm not saying this cause you have a fool like dude in your family but just make sure things is set up right.. RIP my sista

  2. He use to come in the shop all the time begging for money he was a spoiled ass brat , and he was undercover moist , he mom was a beautiful women , Chicago is a beautiful city with beautiful black people , these young fools are just lost .

  3. I remember fools trying to one up each other on violent stories in high school. This is an example of how damn dumb you can get. Just like most bangers, he killed someone close to him. Fools claiming to be insane almost always never fuck with people when there's a higher potential that they might get caught. They bully who they think has no get back. Who goes to beverly hills jackin or who ridin? As long as you are killing your own people it is tolerated. How does the no snitch code fit in with this one?

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