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Michel Purpose of João Dourado BA Intermunicipal Bahia 19/09/2019 – jj

Michel Purpose of João Dourado BA Intermunicipal Bahia 19/09/2019

Lapoense goal Michel playing for João Dourado / BA João Dourado 2×1 Morro do Chapéu Canal 100 Lapão Bahia
The first phase of Intermunicipal 2019 was concluded on Sunday (15). Of the 65 teams that started the race, 48 secured vacancies in the second phase of the competition.
Irecê BA
Follow in competition Quijingue, Canudos, Santaluz, Araci, Lord of Bonfim, Beautiful Field, Piritiba, Golden John, Conception of Coité, Brave, Retiroland, Black Mountain, Ipirá, Ruy Barbosa, Pojuca, Camaçari, Newfoundland, Santo Amaro, Saubara , Mother of God, Santa Barbara, Feira de Santana, Riachão do Jacuípe, Waterfall, Conception of the Fair, Sao Felix, Nazareth, Maragojipe, Valencia, Ibirapitanga, Ibirataia, Jaguaquara, Victory of the Conquest, Guanambi, Itapetinga, Itambé, Uruuca, Ibicaraí , Itajuípe, Camacan, Pau Brasil, Itajú do Colônia, Itarantim, Belmonte, Sao Jose da Vitoria, Porto Seguro, Itamaraju and Prado.

Paulo Afonso, Tucano, Capim Grosso, Morro do Chapéu, Sao Domingos, Baixa Grande, Araçás, Lauro de Freitas, Conceição do Jacuípe, Governor Mangabeira, Ubaira, Maracas, Potions, Aurelino Leal, Santa Luzia, Ilhéus and Eunápolis championship.

The highlights of the sixth and final round of the first phase were the teams of Saubara and Pau Brasil, who beat Lauro de Freitas and Santa Luzia, respectively, 7-0. Other goals were also recorded on Sunday. They were Serra Preta 4 to 1 Ruy Barbosa, Governor Mangabeira 2 x 6 Conceição da Feira, Valencia 5 x 0 Ubaíra, Ibirapitanga 3 x 0 Maracás, Itapetinga 3 x 0 Itambé, Uruçuca 3 x 0 Aurelino Leal and Porto Seguro 3 x 0 Itamaraju .

Upon completion of the classification phase, only one selection advanced to the second phase with 100% success. Vitória da Conquista has only won at the event so far. However, they also continue as undefeated, but with ties, the selections of Santaluz, Piritiba, Cachoeira, Itapetinga, Camacan and Itarantim.

The second phase will start next Sunday (22), with the round trip. The return clashes will be held on September 29.

Results of the last round, this Sunday 15

Conceição do Coité 1 x 0 Retirolândia, Valente 2 x 0 São Domingos, Canudos 1 x 0 Quijingue, Santaluz 0 x 0 Araci, Campo Formoso 0 x 2 Lord of Bonfim, Morro do Chapéu 1 x 2 João Dourado, Ipirá 2 x 0 Baixa Grande, Serra Preta 4 x 1 Ruy Barbosa, Newfoundland 0 x 0 Pojuca, Santo Amaro 0 x 2 Mother of God, Lauro de Freitas 0 x 7 Saubara, Feira de Santana 3 x 1 Conceição do Jacuípe, Riachão do Jacuípe 0 x 0 Santa Bárbara, Waterfall 1 x 1 São Félix, Governor Mangabeira 2 x 6 Conceição de Feira, Nazaré 1 x 0 Maragojipe, Valença 5 x 0 Ubaíra, Ibirapitanga 3 x 0 Maracás, Jaguaquara 1 x 0 Ibirataia, Barriers 0 x 3 Vitória da Conquest , Itapetinga 3 x 0 Itambé, Ibicaraí 1 x 0 Itajuípe, Uruçuca 3 x 0 Aurelino Leal, Camacan 1 x 1 Itajú do Colonia, Pau Brazil 7 x 0 Santa Luzia, Ilhéus 0 x 0 Itarantim, São José da Vitória 1 x 0 Belmonte , Eunápolis 1 x 1 Prado, Porto Seguro 3 x 0 Itamaraju and Araçás 1 x 2 Camaçari.

2019 Interchange Table – Second Phase


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