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Transferring your Small Enterprise Server 2003 to the Cloud – jj

Transferring your Small Enterprise Server 2003 to the Cloud

Hi This is a very brief presentation summarising why people move their Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 to the Cloud. http://www.techquarters.com …



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  1. Chris,

    Excellent video! As an IT consultant myself I have been wondering how to explain the transition from a premise server to a cloud solution and you have nailed it. A hybrid environment is the way to go and I know a solution like this is what has been tossed around as an effective compromise to upgrade our current clients out of SBS 2003. Thank you.

  2. Sounds good but not applicable. how are you planning to back up? is everyone going to print directly to the printerrs? what about security? what about if people had some type of application that needs to be centralized (server workstation). cloud is also expensive. mailbox for 10 people is around 100 per month.

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