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  1. By the way Trumpies, us freight and trucking companies are laying off and closing down thanks to trumps great trade deals.

    In 2018 customers stocked up before tariffs took effect, hired drivers and added trucks to meet demand. But by November logistics companies realized that the high number of containerized imports coming into the us was going to fall off in January due to trumps tariffs.

    So congrats again, for picking the author of The Art of the Deal, who knows zero about making deals!!

    Costing our country big time – closing down trucking companies, stores, reducing retail stock on shelves of retail stores……raising the cost to consumers of products they need.

    AND after all this he ADDED 1 trillion dollars per year to our debt with his tax cuts to large corporations resulting in less revenue coming in, after promising bob Woodward in a live tv interview in 2016 that he would get rid of our 19 trillion dollars debt in 8 years.

    The man is insane, doesn't have s clue what he's doing and is ruining our country, which WAS great Before he got ahold of it, but not any more.

    Thanks to you and Russia for putting this lying, cheating, idiot traitor in the White House!

  2. of course bar doesn't like Democrats they're lying corrupt scumbags they don't like him because they know that he's not going to let them do their lying corrupt deceit and breaking the law and not obeying any laws or rules they're lying corrupt communist socialist garbage bar knows that the world knows it you sickening disgusting communist socialist ruined the Democratic party but you will not ruin America we know who you are and what you are you will be removed you're a disgusting scum-of-the-earth cancerous piece of garbage that will be removed

  3. Mr Trump is doing a fantastic job to protect the Americans people from the drug cartels from the people traffickers and those important children for the sex trade in America this man is protecting the morals and the standards of the American people what a great man I would put him on the same part as Winston Churchill a man who was needed at the time I'm to make sure of America is kept safe if from the new world order and those people wishing to destroy the Constitution of America like the Democrats

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