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Afghanistan: Presidential voting amid bomb blasts – jj

Afghanistan: Presidential voting amid bomb blasts


Afghan voters

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In Afghanistan, votes were cast on Saturday to elect a new president. During the voting, at least four people were killed and 80 people were injured in bomb attacks on the polling stations.

The Taliban had threatened to target polling stations during the elections. In view of this, strict security arrangements were made and more than 70 thousand personnel of the security forces were deployed.

A female voter said that 'voting in Afghanistan defines bravery'.

According to reports, this time the voting percentage was lower than the election held five years ago. For security reasons, many people chose to stay at home instead of casting votes.

President Ashraf Ghani has appealed to the Taliban after voting to honor the people's choice and end the war.

Presidential candidate Ghani told the Taliban, "The doors of peace are open for you."

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Voting for the presidency was held in Afghanistan on Saturday amid tight security.

Extended voting time

However, long queues were cast for voting in some parts. Afghanistan's Election Commission had extended the voting time by two hours so that all those who came out to vote could vote.

There are a total of 16 candidates in the fray but the main contest is believed to be between incumbent President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah.

Under an agreement signed in 2014, these two leaders have been partners in power.

It is expected that the Election Commission of Afghanistan can announce the election results in three weeks.

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Women turned out to vote

A polling station in the southern city of Kandahar in Afghanistan was bombed. But even after the attack, women appeared in the queues to vote in the polling stations of this city.

There are about 96 lakh registered voters in Afghanistan. The number of women among them is around 35%.

Even after the Taliban threats and violence at polling stations, women voters were seen in some parts of the country in ecstasy.

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Is the world not seeing the ruin of Afghanistan?

Dr. Roy Jahangir of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, told news agency Reuters, "Bravery is defined by anyone who shows courage in casting their vote in Afghanistan. We hope that there will be no fraud this time. Otherwise the voters You will feel cheated once again. "

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The administration decided to extend the voting period to decide if the people in the queue could cast their votes.

The new president of Afghanistan will face many challenges. Afghanistan, which has been struggling with war-like conditions for nearly four decades, has almost been destroyed.

Thousands of people are still being killed every year due to the conflict. The United States is engaged in talks with the Taliban to end the conflict.

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