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Be an IELTS Warrior with This Pattern Half 2 Reply – jj

Be an IELTS Warrior with This Pattern Half 2 Reply

Today you’ll hear a Band 9 sample Speaking Part 2 answer describing a TV sport.
Go to http://allearsenglish.com/band for a complete mock speaking test and examiner feedback.

Congratulations to 3 Keys student David, who just got an overall 7, with a 7.5 on Speaking!

Recently, there was a Speaking Part 2 question on the IELTS Exam that asked candidates to describe a sport on TV that they’d like to try.

As you listen to today’s sample answer, take notes on interesting vocabulary that I use!

Part 2 Notes about a TV Sport

✫ American Ninja Warrior/ Ultimate Beastmaster
✫ Hotels, vacations, James
✫ Personal stories, adversity, parkour, rock climbers
✫ Challenges- wall, rotating platforms
✫ G6 Airpark/trampoline park

Want more sporty vocabulary?

Check out my other video, 7+ IELTS Vocabulary- Sporty Idioms and Slang https://youtu.be/NQv-p6FpeGw

Comment on this video, and tell us what TV sport you would like to try!

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