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Published: Saturday, September 28, 2019, 19:19 (IST)

Bengaluru With the changing times, the increasing trade of drugs has also spread the trap of diseases. If you are thinking brother, I do not consume any tobacco product, that is why it is safe, it is not so at all. Actually, the tobacco-free paan spices you are consuming are not actually tobacco-free. It contains such a chemical that is threatening your life. In a recent investigation, the revelations have exposed the pan masala companies. Actually, he is putting people's lives at risk by lying. This disclosure is related to the black handiwork of companies manufacturing pan masala.


So if you are fond of pan masala without tobacco, then be cautious and leave it today. In a recent investigation, pan-masala companies' false nicotine claims across the country have proved to be just fraudulent. Hazardous nicotine was found in the National Tobacco Testing Laboratory, Government of India, when pan spices of well-known companies were tested. While the pan masala companies clearly state on the pouch of pan masala that it does not contain nicotine and tobacco. The sad aspect is that even after this revelation, pan masala is being sold out of the country. Governments in some states stayed for some time but in a few days it proved ineffective.

Nicotine in pan masala

It is worth noting that this disclosure came last days when packets of 7 major brands of pan masala from Bihar were found to contain nicotine when tested in the National Tobacco Testing Laboratory. After a report of toxic magnesium carbonate in paan spices, the Bihar government decided to get them tested. Along with this, on 30 August, the sale production, storage and transportation of 15 brands of pan masala was banned. According to the test report of samples taken from Bihar, the presence of the dangerous chemical nicotine has been found in 7 Pan Masala brands including Rajnigandha, Kamala likes. Pan masala named Madhu, Supreme, Rajshree, Signature and Raunak etc. are also included in this. On the other hand, the team of Food and Drugs Department of Madhya Pradesh raided a general store on Friday. It took a pan masala sample from Vijay Agency. Samples have been sent to Bhopal Lab. Further action will be taken after the investigation report is received.


Pankaj Chaturvedi, founder deputy director of the Tata Memorial Center and Voice of Tobacco Victim VoTV, said that many investigations in Indian laboratories have found that paan spices have many detrimental effects. According to Chaturvedi, dangerous products like pan masala should be banned throughout the country. Cancer expert Harit Chaturvedi said that these products may contain not only magnesium carbonate but also other dangerous adulterants. 2.3.4 The mixing of nicotine or tobacco in any food products is prohibited as per Regulation of Food Safety Act 2011, it is a contempt of Supreme Court order to mix nicotine with pan masala. The apex court had on 3 April 2013 banned the Ankur gutkha case for having pan masala and gutkha and gutkha for having nicotine.

Important information

Every year 7 million people worldwide and about 2739 people die every day in India due to tobacco and spices and other smoking products due to cancer and other diseases. India has the highest risk of oral cancer globally. 75 to 80 thousand new cancer patients are detected in a year. 86 percent of mouth cancer patients are found in India. Mouth cancer accounts for 90 percent of chewing tobacco. In Madhya Pradesh, every year 90 thousand people suffer due to tobacco-borne diseases. According to health experts, 28.1 percent of the people in Madhya Pradesh consume chewed tobacco products in some form, of which 38.7 percent are male and 16.8 percent. The percentage includes women. The use of tobacco causes cancer of the mouth, lungs, and every year in the state, 90 thousand people die due to cancer and other diseases caused by tobacco.

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