Navratri 2019: Goddess Durga is essentially the most beloved fragrance. Navratri 2019: Devi Durga loves fragrance



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Published: Saturday, September 28, 2019, 7:00 (IST)

new Delhi. Perfume is most commonly used in the worship of Durga Devi. The perfume is prominently included in the various worship materials offered to Durga. Durga Puja without perfume is considered incomplete. Navaratri is said to have the highest importance of offering perfume to the Goddess, because it can please the Goddess and get her blessings. In various texts, especially in Tantric texts, for nine days of Navratri, the Goddess has been asked to offer perfumes made of different things. This time Navaratri, starting from 29 September 2019, has been described as the vehicle of Goddess Durga, so in order to achieve happiness and prosperity, this Navratri is also important.

Let us know what kind of perfume should be presented to the Goddess for fulfillment of her wishes in Navratri ..

Solve economic problems

Solve economic problems

Economic problems can be solved through perfume. If you are not able to survive even after lakhs of efforts, then worship the goddess with the rituals of Ashwin Shuklapaksha i.e. on the first day of Navratri and offer them sandalwood perfume. Let this perfume be kept for nine days in the worship of the Goddess. On the last day of Navratri, take a few drops of this perfume and put it in your locker or where you keep the money and ornaments. Surprisingly your wealth accumulation will start increasing.

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Use this perfume for strength, courage, self confidence

Use this perfume for strength, courage, self confidence

  • Goddess Durga wants to get strength, courage, self-power. If you want your fame spread all around, then on any day of Navratri, you should go to Durga temple and offer perfume of camphor, champa, sandalwood, jasmine, kevda etc.
  • If you want to get rid of the troubles of family, married life, estrangement between husband and wife, then offer rose perfume in Durga temple on Friday coming in Navratri. The couple should also spray perfume of rose in their bedroom on Friday. Unmarried young men and women should also offer rose perfume to the goddess. This opens the way for their marriage soon.
  • If you want to increase your attraction effect. If you want people to be impressed with you, then offer a perfume of rose or sandalwood to the goddess on the day of Dwitiya, Saptami and Navami Tithi.
Use this perfume if you want a favorite life partner

Use this perfume if you want a favorite life partner

  • Want to get the love of a favorite young man. If you want to succeed in love, then offer your jasmine perfume to the Goddess and request her to get the love you want. Your wish will definitely be fulfilled.
  • Offer a perfume in the temple of Goddess Durga along with Goddess Durga on any Friday coming in Navratri. Also sit there and recite Srisukta. Due to this, money related problems start to end.
  • If you want to destroy enemies, then offer Champa or sandalwood perfume to Durga Devi on Tuesday, which comes in Navratri.
  • Sandalwood perfume is offered to the goddess to eradicate disease and attain age-healing.

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