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scrub typhus causes signs and prevention | Steer clear of the bugs in Delhi-UP, lethal an infection is spreading by chunk – jj

scrub typhus causes signs and prevention | Steer clear of the bugs in Delhi-UP, lethal an infection is spreading by chunk


new Delhi : Different types of disease are spreading in Delhi and parts of UP. It is an infection caused by the bite of tick bait, a special type of insect found in hilly areas. Doctors have named this infection as 'Scrub Typhus'. In any part of the body, the insect called tick bite, makes a special mark in that part. This infection affects the lungs directly in a short time. After this, the risk of failure of many parts of the body increases.

More danger than living in bushes
Scrub Typhus Fever usually occurs in people who live around areas with bushes and where rats live. But in the past days, some cases of this have also been seen in Delhi-UP. In Ghaziabad, a woman has died due to its grip. Talking about the symptoms of scrub typhus, some of its symptoms are like dengue. In this, the patient complains of fever, headache, chills, sweating and muscle aches.

Number of patients increasing rapidly
In the past days, the number of patients with scrub typhus in hospitals has increased rapidly. According to the news published in a reputed daily newspaper, about 12 patients have reached the Gangaram Hospital in Delhi. Some of them had to admit in ICU. Identification of scrub typhus is done in the patient's IGM test. When the disease is identified, it is treated only through antibiotics.

Symptoms of scrub typhus
When a tick bite insect bites a person, some symptoms start to develop suddenly after 6 to 21 days. High fever, chills and headache are common symptoms of the patient. Along with fever, where the insects have bitten, the skin starts to turn black and wounds start forming there. In the initial, this wound is red in color and its roundness is 1 cm in size. The formation of rashes around the neck of an infected person is also a hallmark of this disease.

Avoid scrub typhus
By the way, there is no medicine or vaccination of this disease. But still during this season you can protect it by taking care of some things.
– Wear clothes with full arms and keep clothes away from grass etc.
– Do not let mice in your house or around the house.
– Avoid traveling in areas where there are more cases of scrub typhus.

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