US to Pakistan, 'should account for primary bills being given to Hafiz Saeed' | US PAK Bluntly – Cease Terror Funding, In any other case Be Prepared For Ban Subsequent Month


New York: The US (US) has warned Pakistan (Pakistan) that it should stop Terror funding. If it did not, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) could 'blacklist' it and further cut down on financial aid. America clearly said that Pakistan's economy will now depend on ending the terror bases in the country.

The US has also welcomed the UN Security Council's move to fund Pakistan for terrorist Hafiz Saeed. The US said that this shows that Pakistan is working towards counter-terrorism operations with accountability towards FATF. US acting assistant minister for South and Central Asia, Alice Wells, called it a 'positive step'.

Earlier, at the request of Pakistan, the mastermind of the Mumbai attack and banned Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Hafiz Saeed, an anti-terror committee of the United Nations Security Council, was allowed to withdraw funds from his bank account to fund basic needs. Saeed's family has now been paid Rs 1.5 lakh.

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Hafiz has been declared a terrorist in December 2008 under a 1267 resolution of the United Nations Security Council. According to the United Nations provisions, all nations have to restrain the financial assets or economic resources and funds of the person included in this list. There is also a provision in the proposal to allow nations for the basic expenses of the banned person, provided that no one objected to it.

Saeed was working as an assistant professor at the University of Engineering Technology, Lahore and retired in 1999. He gets a pension of Rs 45700 from the Government of Pakistan. Pakistan has an account with Habib Bank, but since it was declared a terrorist by the United Nations Security Council, its assets were seized. The UN banned him after the 2008 Mumbai terror attack. The United States had announced a prize of 10 million dollars on it. Currently, Saeed is in jail and facing trial in the case of Terror Funding.


Wales said, "The UN gives funds for the declared terrorist's family expenses etc. In such a situation, Pakistan's demand shows that it is following the rules, which is a necessary condition for the FATF."

Actually, FATF is going to have an important meeting in the presence of all the members on October 13-14 next month. During this time the FATF will consider removing or retaining the 'gray list' status of Pakistan. The organization can go a step further and 'blacklist' Pakistan and further cut down on financial aid. Pakistan is trying to show its commitment to the 27-point action plan.

Wells stated clearly, "Looking at the FATF's decision and the IMF program, the next few months are going to be very important for Pakistan. Pakistan's economy will now depend on ending the terror bases in the country." He said, "America believes that Pakistan has taken some positive steps in the past and we want Pakistan to complete this action plan."

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