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100% SAFE Program Advance 10/23/2015 – jj

100% SAFE Program Advance 10/23/2015

Exclusive reports: road safety and underinsurance

The reports made in the framework of Insurance and Prevention Week have had great repercussion, in particular, the one made by CESVI Argentina that occupied the cover and was the theme of the day in yesterday's Clarín, and which was replicated in the main Media and television. In it, the road behaviors of men and women were analyzed, to know from that who drives better and how he does it.

In a “mobile” interview, recorded while driving a vehicle through the Federal Capital, Gustavo Brambati, Deputy Manager of Road Safety at CESVI ARGENTINA, was the “companion”, who detailed the main results of the study conducted on 1,800 vehicles, with data That never ceases to surprise.

On the other hand, in 100% INSURANCE we interview Julián Ortiz, claims liquidator and member of the Board of Directors of the Argentine Association of Liquidators and Insurance Experts. Under the report on infra-insurance, he analyzed this problem in depth and its main negative implications for the market and society.

Like every Friday, today 6.30pm, by METRO.


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