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17 Secrets and techniques to Native English Listening Expertise Introduction – jj

17 Secrets and techniques to Native English Listening Expertise Introduction

Secrets to listening skills. This starts with mindset- When it comes to speaking English, you have to be your own biggest supporter. Be my student: …



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  1. Thanks..🙏🏻 your the greatest native speaker i had ever watch. You spelt word to word slowly, so i as a beginner can follow you with comfort and understand about topic. Sorry if many mistake in my comment, im not good in English. Thanks a lot🙏🏻

  2. I really enjoy watching your videos, clips…and listening to your voice…. I'm trying these days to stay away from political dilemmas…so I was searching on YouTube for anything about life, latest fashion, cars, chicks, and what have you…..then YouTube suggested your channel…. it's the aroma!
    Thank you again, for your tips cause I've encountered a lot of trouble to understand people in Asian, European and African Countries… it's fascinating, I mean everything country has its own English, pronunciation….
    while I can't understand anything in any English but the Canadian and Australian English,……when it comes to British, even though it takes few seconds to comprehend…. spread the word…. American Accent is much easier for you guys, and you will find it enjoyable and fun…… betcha!

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