Superior Girls's Exercise on the Whole Coach from Bayou Health

See some of the basic workouts from the advanced women’s workout on the Total Trainer Home Gym from Bayou Fitness


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  1. 60 sec/move
    @01:Leg Press(Squat)
    @07:Calf Raise
    @06:Leg Curl
    @44:Reverse Crunch(Sitting Knee Tucks)
    @03:Adductor Press(Toe Out Squat)
    @15:Chest Fly
    @04:Abductor Press(Toe In Squat)
    @23:Posture Pull(Kneeling Front Pulldown)
    @47:Oblique Twist(L/R)
    @05:Glute Press(Close Heel Squat)(Hack Squat?)
    @23:Upright Row
    @37:Tricep Extension
    @27:Side Raise(Y-Fly)
    @40:Bicep Curl

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