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African Ladies for Marriage – jj

African Ladies for Marriage

African Women for Marriage: http://africagirls.org Are you looking for your soulmate? Our website will help you to meet the girl you have been dreaming of.



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  1. I don't see women as white or black if I click I click I live in Florida close to Jacksonville Florida I would love to date a woman of color my dates nothing but ebony women my son is half Puerto Rican so that tell you I have date close if a woman of color see this and is interested well you email wdcharles63@gmail if you have ever thought of it as I have I like a woman in her mid 30 no older in 40 if curiosity bring you close to me beautiful let's wonder threw this experience together let's see where this may take use don't be shy I am shy for the both of please be serious I don't want to play games well hope your here

  2. African women are proud. African Americans have slef hate issues instilled through America n society. Disconnect from America find pride in yourself and it will shine through. Black women are the most beautiful women dont wont to objectify them but hey just saying. Might as well marry the most beautiful woman cause in the end theyre all nuts anyway

  3. I honestly hate being American and black. I have the same dark complexion as a lot if these beautiful girls but unfortunately black American women are seen as classless, ghetto, gold digging, and angry. It's hard for me to embrace my african roots because I don't know anything about my african ancestry or what country/tribe from Africa my family is originally from.

  4. Sorry guys, but there is point that really bothers me about African women and I'm surprised to see it doesn't bother other people: reports say that in many African countries, MOST women are EXCISED…. Doesn't it bother you? Personally, when I have sex with a woman, I like to think that she enjoys it!  At least we don't have this issue with African American, Carribean or Afro-Latin American women…   

  5. This may surprise some people. But I know educated Black American men who are taking a serious look as Black women from Africa. These professional Black men don't want interracial marriages, but to want traditional marriages with a Black woman. One photographer who is marrying a beautiful woman from Ghana told me that "African sisters are similar in their ways and attitudes to southern Black women in America during our grandmothers' time. Love and family came first. Money and status was second.  And if you were good to her and handled your business as best you could, she would not challenge your right to be head of your home. African women are still like that." I've heard quite a few educated, professional American Black men say similar things. And there more Black American/African marriages than we know.

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