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C1 BUF: Wyatt Teller Commerce & Payments Comeback Win vs. Vikings – jj

C1 BUF: Wyatt Teller Commerce & Payments Comeback Win vs. Vikings

Join @GregTompsett and @AaronQuinn716 as they discuss the Bills Comeback Win vs. the Vikings to go undefeated in the preseason, as well as analysis of …


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  1. I think Yarborough will be a good player. His motor and good attitude will keep him in the league until he is ready to have a breakout season. If we get rid of Robert foster, we don’t like nice things🤷🏾‍♂️ he proved to be better than Zay easily. Duke Williams is needed in the zedzone. Joseph has to learn pass coverage like you said, bodice can gtfoh lol I like bates. Murphy is a casualty of so much talent in the backfield but he will get picked up. McCloud is outside the bubble imo. I wonder who NE will pickup out of our cast offs…. WE NEED A PUNTER…. I don’t know anything about kroft but I trust Sweeney and looking forward to Knox. Crook is talented but I think the injury hurt his chances. Squad looks good, I’m looking forward to a good winning season if josh has truly progressed. I hope they are not telling him not to run this season. His athleticism is natural and a asset. He just has to slide and avoid the hit. His injury came in the pocket…. Shady has to ball or he will move down the depth chart. Hopefully wade will pass waivers. Great video as always, I’m smarter and more informed than the average fan because of you guys. Keep up the good work. Go Bills!

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