Is it true that any {hardware} graphic decoder on a Mac or Macbook might be occupied?


Is it true that often on a Mac or Macbook 12 inch, 13 inch, or Macbook Pro, there can be a hardware graphic decoder? If you open up a YouTube page and pause it, and later on, you open up NetFlix or Amazon Prime Video, or another YouTube page, then is it true that the hardware graphic decoder is already hogged / used by the first YouTube page, and therefore, any later video page will be using pure software decoding and therefore be slower and more likely to experience dropped frames?

(also it could affect watching any video using iTunes / QuickTime / VLC player too).

If so, then sometimes it is difficult to manage, because with the many tabs on Google Chrome, different webpages or Facebook could have video / video ads in them, so they could be hogging the hardware graphic decoder?

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