Have a look at the planets, why there are circumstances like honeytrap. Honey Entice: Venus and Mars by signal and study the Bodily secrets and techniques of your accomplice



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Published: Friday, September 27, 2019, 7:00 (IST)

new Delhi. These days, the case of honeytrap in Bhopal and Indore of Madhya Pradesh is in the news. In this case, many big officers and leaders are being associated. New revelations are happening every day. In political circles, leaders of various political parties are accusing each other. What else comes forward in this game of lust and who are going to be trapped, it is a matter of investigation, but if it is seen from astrological point of view then to make a person sexier and to entrap you in such cases The planetary positions present in his horoscope are responsible. Among them, Venus and Mars have a greater role.

Venus is considered the causative planet of sexual desire ...

Venus is considered the causative planet of sexual desire …

In Vedic astrology, Venus has been considered the causative planet of sexual desire, but Mars acts to provoke and uncontroll these sexual desires. At the same time, Jupiter works to control the sexual desires instigated by Mars. This is to say that if the native is surrounded by the malefic effects of Venus and Mars then surely his work lust is uncontrolled and he gets caught in sexual misconduct cases. Such a person has to face slander due to women. At the same time, in the horoscope of women, they take the support of men for the peace of their sexual curiosities. People who have Mars in their horoscope but Jupiter is strong, then he is able to control such desires.

Let us know which planetary conditions are responsible for a person's sexual desires …

Construction of mountain yoga

Construction of mountain yoga

  • If the ascendant and the lord of the twelfth house sit together in the center or triangle or are moving among themselves, then mountain yoga is created. Due to this yoga, where a person is fortunate, karma piety, donor, celebrity, possessions of wealth, the person is also extremely capable and travels more than one woman to fulfill her sexual desires.
  • If the lord of Ascendant is sitting in the seventh place, then such a person is uncontrollably interested in transgender sex. He only thinks about sex day and night.
  • If the lord of the ascendant is in the seventh and the lord of the seventh is in the ascendant, then the person is equally interested in both man and woman.
  • In the seventh house, Mars, Buddha and Venus are sitting together and if there is no sight of any auspicious planet, then the person is in unnatural sex.
  • If Mars and Saturn are in seventh place then the native is homosexual.
  • The lunar and Venus combination in Libra increases the lust of the native by many times.
  • The presence of Venus in the seventh house makes the native extremely erotic.
  • If Mars / Rahu is influenced by Venus, the person makes physical relations with many people and due to them he gets involved in police matters.
  • If the Guru is in the lagna / fourth / seventh / tenth place or in the tenth house, then the person is ready to do anything to fulfill his lust.
  • If Saturn is in the Ascendant then there is more lust in the native. Saturn in the fifth house is more attractive than a woman older than her, adulterous instinct in being in the seventh house, prostitute when she is with Moon, sexuality is more in the male when she is with Mars and in male when she is with Venus.

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These planets greatly promote lust

These planets greatly promote lust

  • The conjunction of Saturn's Moon / Venus / Mars greatly enhances lust in the native, such a person loses his wealth by being trapped in the clutches of women.
  • If the Moon is in the Pisces zodiac in the twelfth house then the native consumes many women and women of many men.
  • If the presence of Mars is in the 8/9/12 house then the native is more sensual.
  • If Mars is in the seventh house and there is no auspicious effect on him, then the native makes a relationship with minors.
  • If there is presence of Venus in the sign of Mars or Venus in the zodiac sign, then there is more sexuality in the native.

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