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This new app of Modi government is of great use, farmers' income will be doubled!

You will get information about getting rich from farming on your mobile phone!

Through Krishi Kisan App, you will get all the information sitting at home. Through which farmers can increase their income by many times. Let's know all the things related to Krishi Kisan App …

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new Delhi. The Narendra Modi government at the center has launched one such mobile app Krishi Kisan App to make farming easier and increase the income of farmers manifold. With which they will be able to take such information from home, which they did not even have with the Agriculture Officer. The schemes that would die in the files itself, its information will be delivered directly to the mobile. Its name is Krishi Kisan App. Which has been launched by Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar. An official of the Ministry of Agriculture associated with the National Food Security Mission informed News18 Hindi in detail about it. With this app, farmers will know three big things.

Come learn all the information related to Krishi Kisan App …

According to a senior Agriculture Ministry official, in the Krishi Kisan App, the government has a geo-tagged crop demo farm and seed centers. This app can not only show their performance but will help farmers to take advantage of it. The official said that mini kits of seeds are being distributed to farmers to increase the number of seeds and now that they are 'geo-tagged' the government can find out whether the mini kits are being used or not .

(1) Scientific Demonstration of Farming- Under this, farmers will get to know the demonstration of scientific farming in their area. You will know where there is scientific farming around them. This is a scheme of the Government of India, under which the farmer will be able to see a scientific model of farming around him rather than in any research center. Will be able to see and understand how good crop can be obtained.

>> If you are a farmer and want to present your field as a model of research of any crop, then it will be possible in the guidelines of scientists.

>> Government will give you money to do scientific farming, in which scientists will decide how much fertilizer, how much water and how much pesticide to put. Variety of crops will also decide the same.

>> In this way, your farm will also be registered to show to other farmers as a model. In the Krishi Kisan App, it was told that you can see the demo of which crop in which state and where. If you see practical, you will also be able to do your farming well.

(2) Seed Hub- In this app, seed hubs across the country have also been told. Under this, you can get information about 150 seed hubs spread across the country. Under which scientists will give you a variety of pulses seeds and get them cultivated in your field under your guideline. When there will be agriculture under the supervision of scientists, then there will be benefits.

(3) Mini Kit Distribution-Most farmers will not be aware that the government provides good seeds and good fertilizers for the farmers at nominal money. When and where will the farmers get this facility in their district, Krishi Kisan App will give you this information.

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First published: September 29, 2019, 6:15 AM IST

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