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MORE Celebrities Are Faking Hate Crimes (To Gas A False Narrative About Racism) – jj

MORE Celebrities Are Faking Hate Crimes (To Gas A False Narrative About Racism)

MORE Celebrities Are Faking Hate Crimes (To Fuel A False Narrative About Racism)

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Racism – it’s a problem. It exists. But in 2019, in an American culture that has made so many strides over the years toward equality, is racism the chief problem plaguing our society that we just have to tackle vigorously, else we face Armageddon itself?

Or are there many complicated, underlying factors as to why racism or the idea of is nuanced than simply “That’s racist!”
Issues of socioecnomics, class inequality and the nature of one’s own moral compass dictated by their childhood experiences that factor into the greater American experience and can’t simply be boiled down to whether or not one thing or another is racist?

There are those who would rather not have that conversation. There are those desperate to profit off your fear of racism, and stoke that fear to push their narrative, one that drives dollars and votes in a very dubious direction.
These are their stories.

For additional reading:
Ex-Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL player, 31, is charged with trashing two of his own restaurants and spraying the N-word and MAGA on the walls to make it look like a hate crime so he could collect insurance money – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7462265/Police-Georgia-man-faked-racially-motivated-burglary.html
Jussie Smollett lawyers: Even if actor faked attack, it was cops’ call to investigate it so vigorously – https://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2019/9/4/20848715/jussie-smollett-chicago-police-probe-lawsuit-gay-homophobic-attack

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  1. Who Da Dood speakin' church in the begining, telling BLM to shut up?
    He awesome, I wanna see more of his stuff if makes videos.

    Sees newspaper title. wHAT THE FUCK!?! All Democrats do is SPREAD Racism. They just don't see it as being racist to huwitey is a-ok to them, and segregation when they do it is good, but when scawy Ornage-Man-Bad does it then it's evil. (Even though I don't think he has done it)

    Oh boy, this is gonna be a stream of consciousness post. Sorry for the notifications pile you gonna get Jorp.

    coughman had no points in stealth, also no points in Int or sleight of hand. Never committed a crime of theft, but damn do I know not to leave the shit you stole where people can see it, likes damn Ute!!

    I will forever stand by the idea that if smollett had fingered 2 huwite foods they may very well be in prison, and he'd just be laughing every damn day

  2. Remember the McCarthyism communist investigations and accusations? This is more or less the same. The communists did it, the racists did it. Don't agree with me? Are you a communist/racist? These are the same type of people using fear and accusations to achieve their own goals.

  3. I see that "racism" is the new relationship gossip of the late 2010s. Instead of whose marriage ruined or who just started their pretend marriage, now we have false hate crimes in order to pander to the loud, crazy groups….at the expense of US residents.

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