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Otto Frank talks about Annes diary – jj

Otto Frank talks about Annes diary

This is one of the few television interviews Otto Frank gave. Sitting in one of the rooms of the Secret Annex, he is talking about his surprise at the things his …



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  1. This man lost his whole world, And had no idea what was going through his daughters head. Imagine reading her diary and getting to know your own daughter with more depht while knowing she died from disease,weakness and starvation in a camp where innocent people were treated like useless animals. Heartbreaking.

  2. Otto reminds me of my grandfather he lost his whole family to World War ll. He looks like Otto too. Being Jewish isn't as bad as it was but it still is hard. I have a. "Hitler supporter" in my 2nd period he makes fun of me and criticizes my beleif. I don't want to tell him off because its his opinion but its getting hard to come to class. I love my religion I love spending time with my European and Russian family learn more about Jewish culture I love holiday where we eat, sing, and love I wouldn't trade it for the world . Its amazing to know I will always be loved. I am pretty young (13) but I know World War ll like I know my school. I visit Israel every 4 years so I speak Hebrew and I eat Jewish delicacies and I love it. Last year my family took me to a World War ll memorial and it showed a lot of details. At the end of the memorial it directed you to a room as big as a high school with pictures on the walls. There was pictures of every known Jew who was killed (meaning there is more) and I want to say if there are any Jewish commenters know that I love you and will support to ❤❤❤❤

  3. After losing his whole family the diary was his whole life, Anne should have lived, at the end of her life she thought she had lost her whole family, if she had known her father had survived she would have held on, she would be 87 now.

  4. I will be playing this wonderful, brilliant man in a production of The Diary of Anne Frank this coming December, and I can safely say I've never been more excited for anything in my life. The story of everyone that lived in and assisted those in the Secret Annex is quite tragic, but also incredibly inspiring, and it is a story that will continue on with humanity for as long as civilization stands. Truly a powerful play, and an even more powerful group of people and lives.

  5. what makes me want to cry my eyes out is when he was talking about Anne's self criticism, he looked so pained and looked like he wanted to cry. It must of hurt so much knowing, after the fact, that your child hated a lot of things about herself. I would just hate knowing that.

  6. I feel for them… I was so horrible. BUT… I have a copy of the 1969 copy… Which I will be getting rid of because I read it.. I found 90 percent to be long winded and boring.. a mslal part gave true insight though most say, the girl did not write all of the diary that her father rewrote and or finished or added much of what is in the diary. It is said and I feel this is true, that the diary is written to adult like, so sophisicated to have come from such an inexperienced young girl. Who nos?

  7. I just finished reading her Diary for the first time – at 23, I know I'm a little late to the game. I wish I read it when I was a teenager. I would have gotten so much comfort from it. I'm at a loss for words just now. Her diary is the enduring proof that she was a very special person.

  8. I visited the Anne Frank house in March. It was so emotional and I broke into tears several times during the visit. There is a picture of Otto Frank, on his return to the annexe after the war, in the last room of the museum. That picture is so powerful and peaceful and I begin to cry imagining if my own father was going through that much pain.

  9. Respect for this guy, it's amazing how even after he lost everything, his daughters, his wife, his friends…he still managed to make the most out of his life. And even made it better for other people with the Anne Frank Foundation.

  10. RESPECT! Otto, if only I could've have helped hide you! I would've taken that bullet for y'all and not told them about the secret annex I would have made them find it on their own if they were to find it! I have so much respect for you! And one day I hope to visit the secret annex and just feel the emotions as soon as I walked up that steep, steep stair case leading to the annex!

  11. On April 27, 1943 Anne wrote “The number of air strikes on German cities is increasing daily. We haven't had a good night's rest in ages, and I have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep.” amazing to hear people complain about lack of sleep due to children, etc.. when you read this you realize wow my life is not bad.

  12. I saw the Secret Annex in Amsterdam a week ago. Read the book before I went. When I went it was so sad to know they had been there, alive, and weren't alive to see that they are now honored and prayed for in heaven every day. It was touching.

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