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PHP – MySQL – Flex three Shopper-Server Software – jj

PHP – MySQL – Flex three Shopper-Server Software

This tutorial demonstrates how to create what is called a complete client-server web application which consist of a Web Application, PHP, and MySQL.



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  1. Hello, My english too bad, so I can't understand your vid 🙁

    My question is…

    I had installed Centos 6.6 on my Laptop
    the Centos installed with Minimal(not gui)

    And I have Macbook, 

    I want to coding with my macbook  to connect Server
    (so My macbook is client? right?)

    is there any good Utility for remote coding?

    Sorry bad english

  2. Thanks for the awesome video! Dude, wats the recording software you are using for this, I kinda like the auto zoom in and out. Also, my recording seems to have a lot of static when recording, more like a buzz noise at the background, any suggestions?

    Thanks for the share!

  3. Very nice tut, however the problem is, and not only I have it, I keep getting 1088 error while trying to connect to MySQL database using Flex/PHP technique shown in this tutotial. I'm running WAMP on windows machine with MySQL ver. 5.1.36 I'd love some help on this problem, thx!

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