Shastri needs to be reappointed head coach if CAC is discovered conflicted '| Group India coach Ravi Shastri might should undergo choice course of once more, that is the explanation


new Delhi: Coach of team india Ravi Shastri May have to go through the appointment process once again. That too without any fault. Shastri was recently appointed as the coach of Team India until the World T20 to be held in India in 2021. The reason for this appointment was included in his selection process, due to the possibility of being convicted in the case of conflict of interest of the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), which selected him.

Policy officers can be found guilty. If the BCCI's policy (Ethics) officer DK Jain finds the Cricket Advisory Committee guilty in a conflict of interest case, then there may be a chance to reappoint Ravi Shastri. In fact, the CAC recently selected Ravi Shastri as the head coach of Team India. With this, Shastri's term was extended to 2021.

Notice has been sent to all three members
Jain has sent notices to the three advisory committee members Kapil Dev, Anshuman Gaekwad and Shanta Ranga Swamy on Saturday in the matter of conflict of interest. Jain has asked the three to respond to the letter of life member of MPCA Sanjeev Gupta, alleging that all three have violated the proposal of Lodha Committee, one person one post.

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BCCI's new constitution law may come in the way
An official of the board says that Shastri may have to go through the reappointment process without taking undue embarrassment if Jain found that CAC members were found guilty of a conflict of interest. "Obviously, due to this, Shastri will have to go through the head coach's appointment process once again if he finds a conflict of interest in the appointing committee. After this, a new committee will be formed and the entire process of BCCI It has to be done again under the newly constituted constitution. The new law of the BCCI clearly states that the CAC can appoint the coach of Team India.

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GV may fall on WV Raman
The official further said that something similar could also happen to women's team India coach WV Raman. After Raman's appointment, Jain was sought by the Committee of Administrators for advice. It has to be seen what the decision of Jain in Raman's case brings. At that time there were differences over the appointment of the Interim Advisory Committee in the Committee of Administrators. In Raman's case, Diana Edulji opposed the appointment of the interim CAC. Apart from this, he had expressed opposition to CAC even before Shastri's appointment.

Then Edulji had said, the policy (Ethics) officer should be asked to give a clean chit before appointing the committee. In Raman's case the decision was divided by 1-1 while in the case of Shastri's appointment the decision was 2-1.
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