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Ought to Christians Stay Collectively Earlier than Marriage? – jj

Ought to Christians Stay Collectively Earlier than Marriage?

We are not married, but we live together. I feel this is wrong. What should we do? http://www.joleneengle.com.



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  1. I'm sure I'll get criticism for this but we all have a right to our own opinions.  I've been a liberal, excepting of all sexual orientations, non-denominational ordained minister for almost a year.  I do not plan to ever head a church in the traditional way but intend to have an online ministry in the future.  I've been thinking about marrying couples and build things from there.  My fiance and I currently live in the same home but separate bedrooms and will continue that even after we're married next April.  We feel there is nothing morally wrong with what we are doing and except for some differing views, most of those we know are in favor of our choices.  As far as where you get married at is up to each couple.  Courthouse, home, church/chapel, indoors or outside isn't what matters…love does.  

  2. I don't think Christians should just "go down to the courthouse" to get married. That's making their godly covenant a contract and that's not what marriage is about. Having no mention of God in their wedding is wrong. A courthouse is of the world and Christians should be unworldly according to the Bible.

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