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STATUS ITALY – Furnishings 100% Made in Italy – jj

STATUS ITALY – Furnishings 100% Made in Italy

100% made in italy


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  1. Oh, for f*ck's sake!!!!!!!!!!!! Audio jungle? Are you trying to make me just turn this off and move to another manufacturer? Put Toto Cutugno on if you need music! Are you sure this is "Italy" as in the country? Or is it Italy village in the Sichuan province?

  2. Dear Sir and Madam, We are a professional sheet metal furniture manufacture in Taiwan and the product range from sheet metal furniture to sheet metal materials. We would like to have the opportunty to cooperate with you in future. Jack Lin

  3. Dear:Sir/Madam,

    We would like to get your production estimated price/time of delivery
    as we are making a huge bulk purchase order of numerous products base
    on the high demands items for our new developing projects.

    Send via attachment your company Mfg products catalog,pictures samples
    and models for presentation to the supply organization committee for
    order confirmation to you for business establishment.

    mr fos
    Accredited Agent for Ecowas Procurement Commission
     tel;+233 541925434