Video of kissing bar dancer goes viral, BJP MLA sues, see video | A BJP MLA in Maharashtra lodged police criticism after video of his dance with bar dancer went viral


MLA raging on dance video

MLA raging on dance video

Assembly elections have been announced in Maharashtra. In such a situation, the video of a legislator of the ruling party with the bar dancer going viral can prove harmful for the BJP. But, BJP MLA Sanjay Puram of Amgaon-Deori assembly constituency in Gondia district of Maharashtra has alleged that the alleged video going viral is fake. He claims that this video is being deliberately spread to tarnish his image. Last Thursday, he filed a case of defamation against the unknown people in Deori police station Section 500.

Cons conspiracy- Sanjay Puram

Cons conspiracy- Sanjay Puram

Sanjay Puram alleges that his opponents have hatched a conspiracy to tarnish his image in view of the next month's Maharashtra Assembly elections. He has told journalists that 'during the last five years, I have done a lot of work and have always been with the people, have brought them the ideology of the party. The party has gained a new height in the region in the last five years. According to him, "Opposition leaders are terrified of defeat in the coming election and hence they have tampered with a video and made it viral with a view to tarnishing my image".

There is a political ruckus on this video

In this video that went viral, Sanjay Puram is seen dancing on a Bollywood number holding the hand of a bar dancer and drinking alcohol. However, he claims that the person seen in this video is someone else. Let us know that this time the BJP is moving ahead with the hope of a big victory in Maharashtra. In such a situation, the image of the party is also likely to have a bad effect.

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